Employee Benefit Plans

Traders need an S-Corp to deduct health insurance and retirement plan contributions.

Employee benefit plan deductions including health insurance and retirement contributions require self-employment income (SEI), but trading income is not SEI. Exception: If a trader uses a full membership to a futures or options exchange for trading Section 1256 contracts on that exchange, it is SEI (Section 1402i).

A sole proprietor trader cannot pay him or herself compensation, so they cannot arrange health insurance and retirement plan deductions.

Traders qualifying for trader tax status (TTS) may form an S-Corp trading company, or an S-Corp or C-Corp management company in association with a trading LLC or partnership, to pay officer compensation to unlock employee-benefit plan deductions including health insurance premiums and a high-deductible retirement plan contribution.

Investment companies without TTS may not pay compensation to owners to unlock employee benefit plan deductions.

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