U.S. Trader Tax 101 Video Course

Complex tax rules significantly impact investors, traders, and investment managers. Learning these rules is the first step to tax savings. Traders have unique tax topics, tax breaks, and pitfalls.

On the Interactive Brokers Traders’ Academy page, scroll down to U.S. Trader Tax 101 by GreenTraderTax. There are six lessons, and each comes with Notes and a Quiz. Total course time is approximately 65 minutes. You don’t need an IB account to register.

  • Retail Trading (6:50)
  • Trading Other People’s Money (7:53)
  • Trader Tax Status (11:39)
  • Trading Business Expenses (7:26)
  • Capital Loss Limitation & Wash Sale Losses (11:28)
  • Section 475 MTM (15:59)