Individual Tax Compliance (Investment Manager) – Partial Payment & Minimum Price

Investment managers have special tax goals like maximizing carried-interest tax breaks and reducing payroll and SE taxes (FICA and Medicare) on advisory fees.

Price: $995.00


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This payment is a partial payment and minimum price for our tax compliance (planning/preparation) service for individual federal and state tax returns, including a spouse on a married-filing-joint tax return. Expect a balance due when we complete the engagement. Please read Price & Billing Policies for more information.

The following investment managers should consider our individual tax compliance service:

  • Those who operate an investment management business with separately managed accounts and hedge funds.
  • Those who operate as a sole proprietor, single-member LLC disregarded entity, LLC managing member or through a separate management company entity.
  • Those who conduct their management company activity in a separate pass-through entity. We recommend signing up for the entity and individual tax compliance since taxes and benefits (including employee benefits, home office deductions, and tax liability) are applied on the individual tax return.
  • Those who actively trade individual accounts including joint accounts and single-member LLC disregarded entity accounts.
  • All active traders using individual or SMLLC disregarded entity accounts. During the engagement, we get a closer look at the factors needed to assess qualification for trader tax status, tax treatment (securities vs. Section 1256 contracts) and tax accounting including cost-basis reporting and wash sales.
  • U.S. residents abroad with foreign earned income and housing allowance.

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