Inactive or Low Activity: Entity Tax Compliance – Partial Payment & Minimum Price

This is a special lower partial payment, and minimum price for our tax compliance (planning/preparation) service for your entity's federal and state tax returns providing the entity has no activity or little activity for the year.

Price: $595.00


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Here's an example of "no activity"

We formed your company late in the year, and the only thing you did before year-end was to execute the legal paperwork and open bank and trading accounts. Traders often do this to be ready to trade in the entity on Jan. 2. One way we avoid an inactive tax return filing is by forming a single-member LLC disregarded entity in December and add a spouse and or file an S-Corp election by March 15, effective for Jan. 1.

Here's an example of "little activity" 

The same scenario as above except your partnership, S-Corp or C-Corp also has a little portfolio income, some Section 195 start-up expenditures and Section 248 organizational expenditures.

Even though you may not have significant revenues, expenses, and transactions, if you must file a tax return then we must answer several questions on the tax forms, include a balance sheet and reconcile accounting on profit and loss vs. the balance sheet.

Don't cut corners by omitting tax returns that are due, as that opens the door to penalties and interest.

Speak with your assigned CPA if you have questions.

Please read Price & Billing Policies for more information.

After purchase, our administration team will follow up with you by email to commence the tax compliance process. See how our virtual process works efficiently.