First-Year Tax Compliance Client Evaluation: 15 Minutes

If you would like to purchase our tax preparation and planning service for the first time, we require a 15-minute client evaluation before inviting you to sign up for our tax compliance service.

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Update September 5, 2018: Sorry, we are not accepting new clients for 2017 tax preparation engagements until after the extension due dates of September 17, 2018, for partnerships and S-Corps, and October 15, 2018, for individuals. We suspended our First-Year Tax Compliance Client Evaluation: 15 Minutes until after October 15, 2018. Returning tax preparation clients should communicate with their assigned CPA for engagement.

During the 15-minute client evaluation, a member (partner) in our firm will determine if our company is a good fit for value and price. This session is not for clients to ask our partners tax questions; our consulting service handles that.

If you want to use trader tax status (TTS), but are unsure if you qualify for it, then we recommend a 45-minute consultation in advance of our Client Evaluation as the client evaluation does not assess TTS. In the 45-minute tax consultation, we also address whether to form an entity, tax elections, the new tax law and more. Read our blog post How To Become Eligible For Trader Tax Status Benefits.

If you and we decide to move forward after the client evaluation, we will invite you to sign up for our tax compliance service. You only need one evaluation for multiple tax compliance engagements, including entity and individual tax returns. Returning tax compliance clients do not require this assessment.

Learn how our virtual tax compliance process works. See the flowchart on Clients Appreciate Our Virtual Process.

How this service works

To start the process, kindly email and put "request tax compliance service" in the subject line. Please also add the tax year, and if an individual tax return, or an entity.

We might start off by communicating with you to be sure you understand the evaluation process. Next, we will email you instructions to upload your prior year tax return to our secure and encrypted filing sharing service. And, email you a link to schedule an online appointment with a member (partner) in our firm (by phone or Skype). The evaluation briefly covers:

*Tax return profile: estimated income, loss, and expenses.
*Trading or investment activity.
*Jobs and or other businesses, including the spouse.
*Accounting solutions.
*Our value and price.

This evaluation gives us a good head start on our tax compliance service for new clients. We look forward to getting to know you soon.

Thank you,
Robert A. Green, CPA
Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA
Managing Members