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Update on November 10, 2020, for new client evaluations:
We accept new clients for our tax compliance service, providing you are a retail trader, a proprietary trader, or an investment manager. Most of our trader clients are eligible for trader tax status (TTS) benefits. We are pleased to invite traders who fall short of TTS in 2020 to use our 2020 tax compliance service. Perhaps, you will qualify for TTS in 2021 and need a 475 election then, too.
Returning clients should contact their assigned CPA in our firm; they don't need a new client evaluation.

Update on December 14, 2020: We are scheduling new client evaluations for 2020 tax compliance services after January 3, 2021. By email or Add to Cart/Checkout, you can request a "new client evaluation" (NCE). Specify the year (i.e., 2020 taxes) and tell us a little about your tax file, including whether you believe you qualify for trader tax status, are a trader at a proprietary trading firm, or are an investment manager.

We will email you a link to schedule a 15-minute session at no charge and to upload your prior-year tax return to our SmartVault secure system. We determine if we are a good fit and give you an estimate of price and value.

The NCE is not a paid consultation. Consider a 45-minute paid consultation to discuss your questions, TTS qualifications, elections, entities, and more.