IRS & State Tax Exam Representation

Don’t lose sleep over tax exams. We’ve successfully defended all sorts of clients before the IRS and many states since our founding in 1983. Contact us right away for guidance.

IRS and/or State Tax Exam Representation – Partial Payment

Price: $2,100.00

Tax exams can be scary and painful when you deal with them on your own or with the wrong professionals. Choose our CPAs and tax attorneys to increase your odds in receiving a favorable outcome and sleeping better at night.
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IRS and/or State Tax Notices – Partial Payment

Price: $790.00

Tax notices are not as scary as tax exams; many are computer-generated red tape which we can help you satisfy in short order.
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IRS and/or State Tax Exam 45-Minute Consultation

Price: $270.00

IRS and state revenue agents are not trader tax experts, and their tax exams often turn in the wrong direction. Get the help you need from us early in the process. It can make a world of difference in the outcome.
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