Entity Formation Service

We customize and form the right entity structure and plan to suit your tax goals.

Price $425.00

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Before purchasing our entity formation service, we require any one of our 45-minute consultations. We want first to be sure you will benefit from a trading company. (We do not offer our entity formation service to non-traders.)


Our entity formation price includes a 60-minute meeting to form the business, and a 15-minute consultation* approximately 30-days later to review execution and begin tax planning. It includes:

  • Finalize the entity plans and form an LLC or corporation using our BizFilings services (see below). (General partnerships don’t require a state filing.)
  • We go through formation and start-up tax issues including ownership percentages with a spouse, profit-sharing allocations, initial capital contributions, and tax elections (S-Corp, Section 475 MTM securities, Section 988 forex).
  • We also cover employee-benefit plan deductions (retirement and health), payroll planning, tax strategies including Section 195 start-up costs and Section 248 organization expenditures, banking needs, accounting solutions, S-Corp expense reimbursement (accountable) plans, and tax planning under the new tax law.

We design the right company around your tax needs (considering family, other work, and state issues) and execute it fast. Our outside attorney can prepare and review the legal documents, as we are not a law firm. The entire process takes about a week.

Our service is just what you need. Yes, you can form your trader entity at your state's Web site or ask your local attorney to handle it (probably at a higher cost than our very competitive fee). But the most critical issue is not merely forming an entity — it's creating a company that's properly structured to take advantage of all the complex and nuanced trader tax strategies that we customize for you. We consult with you on these tax strategies, design the best entity and tax plan and then help you execute it. Overall, we save you a lot of money.

How it works

After checkout, see the Download PDF containing links to schedule your 60-minute meeting to form the entity and second 15-minute session to review execution and get started on tax planning.

Our administration team will email you our engagement letter for secure online execution and set up your file in our secure file-sharing system, which is how you will receive documents from our outside attorney.

With an expedited state-filing service, the entire process takes about a week, as states take several days to issue the certificate of formation or incorporation. Several states offer a 24-hour or 48-hour rush service and clients may consider that choice as well. Our outside attorney only takes one or two days to prepare the legal paperwork.

If you have any questions, please contact us soon.