IRS and/or State Tax Exam 45-Minute Consultation

IRS and state revenue agents are not trader tax experts, and their tax exams often turn in the wrong direction. Get the help you need from us early in the process. It can make a world of difference in the outcome.

Price $270.00

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Start with this 45-minute consultation with our IRS and state tax experts and if we agree to represent you on your tax notices or tax exam, we'll recommend you sign up for our full representation service with an advanced payment.

How it works

After checkout, see the Download PDF file which includes a link to schedule your appointment online. There are openings within two days, so you won't have to wait. You'll receive an email notification that you can add to your calendar. Feel free to include your questions and background information when scheduling the appointment. You'll receive instructions for how to contact Robert A. Green or Darren Neuschwander by phone or Skype. If you're already working with one of our CPAs or tax attorneys, you can cooperate with them on the IRS or state tax matter as well. We'll ask you to upload your tax notice or exam correspondence to our secure filing sharing system. These consultations cover:

  • Review of tax notice or exam letter.
  • Focus on the important issues at hand.
  • Review of your tax return filings in question by the IRS or state.
  • Big picture issues and strategies for replying to the IRS or state.

While 30 minutes is enough time to focus on the big issues, it's not enough time to start the work and reply letter. We will make a recommendation for the next steps during our consultation.

Types of tax notices and exams

  • Tax notices spotting missing income based on matching 1099s, K-1s and other tax information statements received by the IRS.
  • Computer-generated tax notices requesting additional tax information and documentation (these are on the rise).
  • A challenge to qualification for trader tax status (TTS) and use of Section 475 MTM ordinary loss treatment.
  • Applying hobby-loss and or passive-activity-loss rules to a trading business.
  • States are getting more aggressive on initiating tax notices and exams on issues where they decouple from federal rules or step on IRS toes over issues like trader tax status