45-Minute Consultation With CPA/Managing Member For Traders

Do you qualify for trader tax status? Should you elect MTM accounting? Can you benefit from an entity? How does the new tax law impact you? Our answers can save clients thousands of dollars.

Price $250.00

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Update Jan. 6, 2017: Our 30-minute consultation has been increased to 45 minutes to cover the impact of the new tax law on 2018 tax planning and entity choice.

Our consultation service is an excellent way to start working with our firm. It gives clients the opportunity to get their crucial tax questions answered. We get comfortable with each other, and it leads to successful entity formation, tax compliance (planning and preparation), accounting, IRS controversy, and other services.

We require a 45-minute consultation before you purchase our entity formation service so we can be sure forming one is right for you.

How the consultation works

After checkout, see the Download PDF file which includes a link to schedule your appointment online. Or login to My Account and view the Download section. You will receive an email notification that you can add to your calendar. Feel free to include your tax questions and background information when scheduling the appointment. You'll receive instructions on how to contact Robert A. Green, CPA or Darren Neuschwander, CPA (your choice) by phone or Skype. These consultations often cover:

  • The new tax law's impact on your tax planning.
  • Trader tax and accounting questions.
  • Qualification for trader tax status.
  • The impact of wash sale loss rules on securities.
  • Whether you should elect Section 475 MTM ordinary gain or loss treatment.
  • Whether you should file a forex Section 988 capital gains election allowing Section 1256(g) lower 60/40 tax rates.
  • Cryptocurrency tax and accounting questions.
  • Whether an entity is useful and the best structure.
  • How to arrange employee benefit plans including retirement and health insurance with an S-Corp trading company or C-Corp management company.
  • Tax treatment differences for all financial products traded.
  • Tax-filing plan and planning opportunities.

After the 45-minute consultation, we will email you a memo with our tax plan and suggested next steps. Phone time will be up to 40 minutes, and we spend 5 minutes preparing the email plan. When you upgrade to another service such as entity formation or tax compliance, we pick up from where we left off.