C-Corp Tax Compliance (Returning-Clients) – Partial Payment & Minimum Price

This is a partial payment and minimum price for our tax compliance (planning/preparation) service for your C-Corp federal and state tax returns.

Price: $1,095.00


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Update September 6, 2021

It's too close to the September 15 and October 15, 2021 tax deadlines for us to accept returning clients for preparing 2020 tax returns. 

If you purchase this service after September 5, 2021, we will not begin work on your 2020 tax returns until October 16, 2021. Be prepared to file late after the October 15, 2021 extension deadline, subject to federal and state tax penalties. Some taxpayers who reside in states or counties that qualify for federal disaster relief can file late. 

Our tax compliance service includes

C-Corps can elect fiscal year-ends other than a calendar year-end. The C-Corp tax return or extension is due 2.5 months after the fiscal year-end.

Choose this service if you had a C-Corp or LLC (limited liability company) that elected C-Corp tax status. C-Corps are not pass-through entities, and taxes are owed on the C-Corp entity level.

Using a C-Corp as your trading vehicle trading is unwise in most cases; see our blog post. Perhaps you have a dual entity solution with a TTS trading partnership and a C-Corp management company. Typical operating businesses often consider C-Corps and manage potential double taxation (entity and individual taxes) by paying larger officer's compensation to reduce corporate taxable income. Compare officer compensation to paying qualified dividends.

We suggest you sign up for our individual tax compliance service as important matters — including officer's compensation and qualified dividends — are applied to your individual tax returns.

C-Corps offer a wider variety of employee-benefit plan deductions than pass-through entities.

Expect a balance due when we complete the engagement. Please read Price & Billing Policies for more information.

After purchase, our administration team will follow up with you by email to commence the tax compliance process. See how our virtual communication process works efficiently.

Our partial payment is also a minimum price. Kindly expect a balance due on our fees when we complete the tax compliance engagement. Please read Price & Billing Policies for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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