Green’s 2023 Trader Tax Guide

The Savvy Trader’s Guide To 2022 Tax Preparation & 2023 Tax Planning

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Our online guide PDF is 113 pages, 8 x 11, single-spaced, and easy to read. You get access immediately after purchase and see the Download PDF link in your email receipt. We might update this online guide during 2023 for tax changes that impact traders, and you will have access to the updated versions. 


Use Green’s 2023 Trader Tax Guide to receive every trader tax break you’re entitled to on your 2022 tax returns. Learn intelligent moves to make in 2023. Whether you self-prepare your tax returns or engage a CPA firm, this guide can help you optimize your tax savings. Even though it may be too late for some tax breaks on 2022 tax returns, you can still use this guide to execute these tax strategies and elections for tax-year 2023.

The 18 chapters cover trader tax status, Section 475 MTM, tax treatment (equities, 1256 contracts, options, ETFs, ETNs, forex, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, etc.), accounting for trading gains and losses, trading business expenses, tips for preparing tax returns, tax planning, entity solutions, retirement plan strategies, IRS and state tax controversy, traders in tax court, proprietary trading, investment management, international tax, ACA Net Investment Income Tax, short selling, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, CARES Act, and recent tax law changes.

Green’s Trader Tax Guide has been published yearly since 1997 and remains the gold standard in trader tax.

About the Author
Robert A. Green is a CPA and CEO of Green & Company, Inc. ( Mr. Green is a leading authority on trader tax and a Forbes contributor. He is also the author of The Tax Guide for Traders (McGraw-Hill, 2004) and Green’s annual Trader Tax Guide. Mr. Green is frequently interviewed and has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Barron’s. He is the Traders Expo’s chief tax speaker and presents tax Webinars for Interactive Brokers, TradeStation, Lightspeed, and other trading industry participants.