Price & Billing Policies

We offer competitive pricing and billing options in our valuable tax compliance service.

Our tax compliance service is composed of consulting, planning, accounting, and tax preparation. Clients work with us before year-end on tax planning, consult with us about tax questions throughout the year, enlist our help in reconciling trade accounting, and engage our CPA firm to prepare income tax returns.

Minimum price per tax form

We are pleased to offer our 2018 Service Fee Schedule for calculating the minimum price for each tax form we prepare. Our invoice will also include hourly billing for other work including planning, consulting, and accounting. Feel free to talk to your assigned CPA about it.

Standard hourly billing rates

We charge clients based on the actual billable time spent on their file, including all tax compliance work, consultations, research, phone calls, e-mails, tax preparation, and a review of the work by another CPA. Consulting time includes time with the client directly as well as between our professionals.

Other CPA firms may charge you for time spent researching trader tax laws. Not us. Many CPA firms buy our trader tax guides and consult with us on trader tax issues. Because our professionals already know the trader tax laws inside and out, you can expect to receive excellent tax compliance results for as little time spent as possible. Since 1983, our firm has worked with traders all around the country, so we have this process down to a science.

We assign different standard hourly billing rates to each of our professionals based on their level of experience and value added. We set our prices to be competitive in a national marketplace. We could charge much higher rates for many of our professionals, but we don’t. Our clients expect reasonable pricing, and that’s what they receive.

Expenses are minimal

The add-on costs for our trader files are nominal — usually between $60 and $90. They include a tax return software processing or license fee. We e-file most tax returns, so we save money on shipping (unless you prefer to paper file; in that case, we add the cost to your account).

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please send us a confidential email at Tell us about your tax file.

Thank you for placing your trust in us,
Robert A. Green, CPA and Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA


All invoices are payable before delivery

Upon the completion of your tax return, we will send you a PDF of the entire tax return or substantial excerpts with a watermark on all pages indicating you should not file that PDF. After your approval, we will present our final invoice. We require credit card payment via our online store before delivery of your completed tax returns. We also offer an option to pay via PayPal.

We often send clients interim invoices before completion if the unbilled time materially exceeds the initial payment. Interim invoices are due on receipt; the job may be put on hold until payment is received. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Partial Payment

We require a partial payment when you sign up for our tax compliance services each year. This represents our minimum price and is a prepayment applied against the total; it’s not an extra charge of any kind. Expect a balance due when we complete the engagement.

Before we commence our tax compliance services, we will email you an engagement letter via EchoSign, a secure service. The letter spells out the scope of our engagement, the work to be done, partial payment, refund conditions, pricing terms, and our limited responsibilities as “tax preparers."

Refund Policy

If you'd like us to stop working on your file, you're responsible for payment of all our time and expenses incurred until the termination date. You’re required to pay charges incurred over the partial payment. If the amount is less than your credit, we will refund the unused payment less a nominal charge.