Additional Information For Traders

There are several great reasons to use our firm for trader tax compliance services.


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We provide the most prudent ideas for tax savings (as laid out in Green’s Trader Tax Guide).

Tax season is underway, and TV commercials from tax software companies are stressing the need for CPAs on-demand. This is probably because of many tax changes in the last few years. In addition, trader tax is a niche area of the law which few accountants know well.

When you shop for a tax preparer, ask about eligibility for trader tax status, making timely Section 475 elections, wash-sale loss rules, entity solutions, and tax treatment for various types of financial instruments. If the preparer looks like a deer caught in headlights, you’ll realize the tax professional is not suitable for your needs. In addition, CPAs have a code of ethics requiring them to decline an engagement if they are not proficient.

Tax compliance is our most popular service, and we guarantee you will be very pleased with our competitive prices, fast service, and pleasant customer experience. Just read our many testimonials. We’ve been a respected, trusted, and leading CPA firm for traders since 1983. We have an excellent roster of CPAs. (Read Professionals.)

We are up to date on the new tax laws and regulations, and how it impacts traders.

If you have any questions about our trader tax compliance services, please contact us.