Tax Compliance (Preparation/Planning)

Traders have unique tax needs, and we offer them excellent value in our tax compliance services.

Update March 2, 2021: We plan to accept new clients for our 2020 tax compliance service after April 15, 2021. Consider filing for a 2020 extension and attaching a 2021 Section 475 election statement. See our blog post Tips For Traders: Preparing 2020 Tax Returns, Extensions, and 475 Elections and watch our recording Tips For Traders On Preparing 2020 Tax Returns.
Our updated policy requires a 50-minute paid consultation as a prerequisite to new clients purchasing our tax compliance service for the first time. 

Returning clients should purchase our service soon if they want our help preparing their 2020 extension on time.

Past due returns: 2019 tax returns on an extension were due October 15, 2020, for individuals, and September 15, 2020, for partnerships and S-Corps. After the tax deadline, we can offer our tax compliance service, but the IRS and state might assess late payment and late filing penalties and interest.

Amended tax returns and NOL carryback refund claims: We’re happy to work with clients on amended tax return filings and five-year NOL carryback refund claims for NOLs arising in 2018, 2019, and 2020 under the CARES Act.

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Traders: We focus on traders eligible for trader tax status (TTS) and proprietary traders.

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Investment Managers: We also focus on investment managers and U.S. hedge funds.

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Non-Traders: We welcome returning clients who are not traders. If we prepare your trading company tax returns, we are happy to handle your individual tax returns, too.

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Managing Members Robert A. Green, CPA and Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA