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The heat has been turned up on traders, wealthy taxpayers, offshore accounts, cryptocurrencies, and more in IRS and state tax exams. Our CPAs and tax attorneys are the best people to have in your corner. Start with a 45-minute consultation with our IRS and state tax experts. If we agree to represent you in a notice, exam, appeal, or tax court petition, then purchase our IRS or state representation service.

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Traders open the door to IRS and state exams by messing up cost-basis reporting, trader tax compliance, and international matters. Start off by reading our Trader Tax Center page: Dealing with the IRS & States. We have the fewest traders examined, and the best record in dealing with the IRS. A minuscule number of our trader tax compliance clients have been audited by the IRS since Congress enacted new trader tax laws in 1997. To date, we’ve had very favorable results.

Many traders who don’t use our tax compliance services have engaged us for tax representation services after they messed up their tax return filings. We can’t believe all the poor work we have seen. Watch These Tax Errors Will Cost Professional Traders Dearly.

Non-Traders: We’ve successfully defended all sorts of clients before the IRS and state since our founding in 1983.

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Managing Members Robert A. Green, CPA and Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA