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What you trade determines what type of hedge fund you need. Do you trade securities, commodities, futures or forex? It makes a world of difference in fund design. Securities traders need a securities fund, commodities and futures traders need a commodities pool and forex traders need a currency fund. Each fund is very different. The SEC and states regulate securities funds, and the CFTC and NFA regulate commodity and forex pools.

It’s a small world; you may need a U.S., an international (offshore) and a master-feeder fund. The majority of hedge funds and advisers may currently reside in the U.S., but a significant part of investor money comes from international investors residing outside the U.S.

U.S. investors who are taxable in the U.S. prefer U.S.-based funds. International investors and tax-exempt U.S. investors prefer international funds. Advisers prefer master-feeder funds so they can integrate both U.S.-based and international funds for ease of operations. Mini-master funds are another type of structure that can deliver certain tax efficiency for the managers.

Our incubator fund strategy is a great way to get started!

When it comes to forming a fund, it’s important to speak to a law firm with expertise in investment management. We recommend Brent Gillett JD of Investment Law Group.

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