Investment Management Services

We provide tax compliance services to funds, managers, and traders.

We offer investment management clients useful content on taxes and development. Our CPA firm Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC provides tax compliance services.

Tax compliance

We handle annual tax return planning and preparation, including investor K-1s at year-end, plus management company and individual tax return preparation and planning for the owners. We are leaders in trader tax services and some successful traders grow into investment management, too. (Read Tax Compliance.)

Development, Formation, Registration, Regulation, and Compliance

We believe that clients should engage a qualified law firm for investment management business development, fund formation, legal services, registration, regulation, and compliance. We don’t support non-attorney service providers offering full-service solutions on the Internet. Many of our clients use Investment Law Group. (Read Development.)

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Tax Edge

GreenTraderTax and Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC are known for their leading tax knowledge and strategies, which are key drivers of a business plan for investment managers and business traders.

The biggest pitfall for new investment management companies is blowing tax elections. Many law firms handling development and formation don’t have experienced tax counsel, or they miss the elections. Administration and law firms usually punt tax elections to CPAs who often get involved at year-end when it’s too late on most elections. It’s important to involve us early on.

Count on us to handle all the tax matters correctly, including carried-interest tax breaks, the S-corp self-employment tax loophole, and the new 3.8% Medicare tax on unearned income. We also focus on trader tax status, Section 475 MTM accounting, lower 60/40 Section 1256(g) forex tax treatment breaks, forex tax treatment, ETF and ETF option tax treatment, international tax planning including PFIC and QEF elections, mini-master feeders, tax changes, and more.

Because structuring your fund for optimal tax results usually depends on an analysis of your particular facts and objectives — which can have many nuances — having a seasoned team of tax professionals on your side is a big plus. Our company provides investment managers with the professional advice needed.

The biggest savings and value come when clients get started with us at the earliest stages of their plans. We pride ourselves on communicating openly with our customers and strive to pierce through the development and tax terminology to provide logical answers.

We focus on start-up, incubator, and smaller hedge funds and their investment advisers. Our professionals understand their needs better than most, and we design our services around these requirements. We offer generous amounts of Web and media content, excellent support, and customer service.

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 has brought many changes for 2018 tax returns. Information is still developing, but you can count on us to keep you informed. Robert A. Green, CPA is a leading writer and speaker on these events as you can see from our blog, Webinars, speaking engagements, videos, and writing. Brent Gillett, JD of the outside law firm InvestmentLawGroup often is a panelist on our Webinars dealing with investment management, regulatory, and legal issues.

For consultations on taxes, please purchase a consultation. We also provide consulting on business and structuring issues. For example, we often help on tax matters with various structures like separately managed accounts vs. onshore or offshore hedge funds.

For consultations on development, legal, registration, regulation, and compliance, we recommend engaging a qualified attorney. Brent Gillett JD of Investment Law Group works with many of our clients. (ILG advertises on our Website and pays Green & Company, Inc., owner of our site a fixed monthly advertising payment.)

Incubator (start-up) funds: An incubator fund is the least expensive and most flexible hedge-fund business plan around! Click here for our incubator fund page.

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