Do you qualify for trader tax status? Should you elect MTM accounting? Can you benefit from an entity? How does the new tax law impact you? Our answers can save clients thousands of dollars.

The IRS postponed the 2020 individual tax filing and payment deadline to May 17, 2021, including the 2021 Section 475 election. For Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana residents, the deadlines are June 15, 2021. (See our blog post for details.)

Update April 12, 2021: We answer tax questions in a 50-minute consultation, and there are appointments available with Adam Manning CPA from April 14 to April 31 and Robert Green CPA from Monday, May 10 to the May 17 deadline. We paused accepting new clients for our 2020 tax compliance service until after the May 17 extension deadline. Returning tax compliance clients should purchase our service ASAP. Consider our recent blog posts, Webinar recordings, and Green’s 2021 Trader Tax Guide


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Before signing up for our entity formation service, we require a 50-minute paid consultation with a managing member to determine if an entity is right for you and the best choice of entity. 

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