6 Items For Your Year-End Tax Shopping List

11 Dec

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Dec 11, 2014 at 4:15 pm EST

Join Green NFH CPAs and year-end tax planning experts Robert A. Green and Adam Manning in this Webinar.

Getting through your holiday “to-do” list is important for enjoying the holidays. The list may be long, but if you want gifts from Uncle Sam-ta, here are 6 items to add. Just be sure to execute them before year-end.

1. Make portfolio and business transactions for significant tax advantages.
2. Don’t get caught paying taxes on phantom income.
3. You’ve set up your entity, but unless you execute compensation and employer 401(k) plans before year-end, its tax deductions will go down the drain.
4. Don’t miss the boat on 2015; set up your trading business and entity for Jan. 2.
5. Don’t get slapped with an underestimated tax payment penalty.
6. The clock is ticking on RMDs, charitable contributions, gifts and FSAs.

As background material for our Webinar, read our short blog “6 items for your year-end tax shopping list.”