11 Tax Breaks To Start And Grow A Small Business

04 Dec

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Dec 04, 2014 at 4:15 pm EST

Join Green NFH CPA and small business tax expert Robert A. Green in this Webinar.

Among the most popular “American dreams” is starting your own business. Entrepreneurship is the bedrock of America’s thriving economy and Congress continues to favor small business with tax breaks. Uncle Sam is patient for income taxes, allowing: upfront and accelerated expensing; paying business taxes on individual tax returns where other business or investment losses and expenses can be applied; lower tax rates (graduated rates) for lower income; and averaging business income over several years with net operating losses (NOLs). In this Webinar you will learn about:

  1. Business expenses and net operating losses (NOLs)
  2. First-year expensing (100% depreciation) and bonus depreciation
  3. Start-up expenditures
  4. Organizational expenditures
  5. Converting personal expenses to business use
  6. Home-office deductions
  7. Retirement plan deductions
  8. Health insurance deductions
  9. Hiring family members to save taxes
  10. Using our special strategy “Active Investors” to navigate around passive-activity loss rules
  11. Ecommerce/virtual business in a tax-free state to avoid Obama-era tax hikes and state taxes

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What’s your small business American Dream?

Sincerely, Robert A. Green, CPA


Dear Bob, Thanks for the good news about my Tax refunds. First I will say that I am completely satisfied with Deborah's (King) work and your help, culminating in the production of my 2013 personal tax return. Deborah is a caring person doing her work thoroughly with high professional standards, and always answering my questions promptly and efficiently. From our very first encounter at your seminar in February, I appreciated your expertise as well as your understanding of my need to keep my costs down. As an accountant myself, I have strived to do as much of the information gathering legwork as possible, and also entering and reconciling the Tradelog information promptly and accurately....Thanks and best regards,