Traders Expo Las Vegas 2016: Trader Tax Law Update (Paid Class)

16 Nov

Live Event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nov 16, 2016 at 1:30 pm PST

Trader Tax Law Update: Current Developments, Trader Tax Status, Tax Treatment, Entities and More*

Robert A. Green, CPA CEO GreenTraderTax

Robert A. Green, CPA
CEO GreenTraderTax


Current developments, year-end tax planning, trader tax status business expenses vs. limited investment expenses, critical tax elections, Section 475 MTM vs. wash sale loss limitations, tax compliance tips, tax treatment for different financial products, accounting solutions, entities, retirement plans, Obamacare taxes, IRS and state tax controversy, state tax regimes, and international tax matters.

In this in-depth class, Mr. Green will cover:

• Current developments including tax law changes, 2016 tax court cases, and tax reform that may arise in the lame-duck session, and in 2017.

• Year-end tax strategies including S-Corp officer compensation with employee benefit plan deductions, tax loss selling, avoidance of wash sale losses, maximizing tax brackets, Roth IRA conversions, and paying estimated taxes.

• How to qualify for trader tax status (TTS) for 2016 business deductions vs. restricted investment expenses.

• Discover critical tax elections including Sections 475 ordinary loss treatment, electing out of Section 988 forex ordinary income into lower 60/40 tax rates of Section 1256(g), Section 195 start-up costs, and more.

• Learn how investors maximize tax benefits.

• Learn how to calculate and avoid wash sale losses on securities.

• Tips for preparing 2016 trader tax returns with maximum benefits and avoiding common tax-return errors.

• Key tax treatment and reporting differences between securities, Section 1256 contracts including futures, all types of options, ETFs, forex, precious metals, Bitcoin, Nadex binary options, and ETNs.

• The best accounting solutions for securities traders.

• The best types of entities and retirement plans. Learn how to maximize employee benefit deductions in an S-Corp, including health insurance and retirement plans. Choose between a Solo 401(k) or defined benefit retirement plan.

• The differences between retail traders, proprietary traders, and investment managers.

• How to deal with Obamacare’s Net Investment Tax and the health insurance mandate/penalty for individuals.

• How to handle IRS and state tax notices, exams, appeals and tax court.

• State and local tax systems including the best, worst and decent states for traders.

• International tax matters including U.S. residents living abroad, U.S. residents with global investments, U.S. residents moving to tax possessions like Puerto Rico, U.S. residents moving abroad and surrendering citizenship or green cards, and non-resident aliens investing in the U.S.

*SAVE $50-$279 per person if purchased by October 26, $329 per person if purchased after October 26. Includes refreshments.