Traders Expo Las Vegas 2015: Trader Tax Law Update (Paid Class)

14 Oct

Live Event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Oct 14, 2015 at 8:00 am PST

The Traders Expo
Las Vegas | Oct. 14 – 16, 2015 • Paris Hotel

Trader Tax Law Update: Current Developments, Year-End Tax Planning, Obamacare Taxes, and Much More*

Presented by Robert Green, CPA, this session will feature current developments, year-end tax planning, business treatment (trader tax status), key tax elections, entities and retirement plans, tax compliance tips, Obamacare taxes, and IRS exams.

This class will cover:

• Current developments including tax reform, tax changes and court cases.
• Year-end strategies that are often overlooked.
• How to reduce and report wash-sale losses and handle confusing broker 1099Bs.
• How to save thousands with trader tax status and discover key strategies and elections. Important investor elections will be covered as well.
• How to qualify for and claim trader tax status for 2015 even after year-end.
• Preparing a trader tax return for 2015 with maximum tax benefits.
• How to avoid common tax-return errors.
• Key tax treatment differences between securities, Section 1256 contracts (futures), all types of options, ETFs, forex, precious metals and more.
• The best accounting solutions for traders.
• The best types of entities and retirement plans for traders.
• The difference between investors, active traders, proprietary traders and investment managers.
• How to deal with Obamacare’s Net Investment Tax and health insurance mandate.
• How to handle IRS and state tax exams.
• International tax matters for traders.

*SAVE $50–$279 per person if purchased by September 23; $329 per person if purchased after September 23. Includes refreshments.

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While I do not day-trade (I prefer swing trading and position trading on stocks), I want to thank you for the great content and webinars that you host. In particular, I thought that Robert Green did an excellent job going through the tax issues that traders encounter including 1256, mark to mark and other provisions. Robert did an excellent job summarizing the key provisions and explaining them in a concise and understandable manner. Unlike other "so called" experts" who hype "trader tax status" and other provisions to lower taxes, Robert realistically conveys both the risks and benefits in a balanced and professional manner. In listening to the seminar, Robert's passions and enthusiasm for the topic was consistent throughout the whole seminar. Lastly, his advocacy for fair and favorable provisions for investors and traders allows him to be well informed about potential legislation/regulation and hopefully to have a positive impact on the process. I would add that I have a Master's in Taxation from Pace University. I had the benefit of taking classes in the tax treatment of partnerships, corporations and financial instruments. More important, I wrote my thesis on the traders’ tax cases that have come out. In doing my research, I found that Robert Green's books and blog were very informative. I would highly recommend that traders listening to the call to purchase his materials and review the blog. While I cannot personally attest to the quality of Robert's consultations and preparation f tax returns, I believe that Robert has a good understanding of the key issues. Lastly, I would mention it is important to for traders to use a specialist tax accountant who has expertise and experience in this area, and not utilize a "generalist."