Trader Tax Reform with Robert Green & Breakout Trading from Ken Calhoun (Recording)

21 Jun

Jun 21, 2017 at 8:00 pm EST


Tax Reform Should Be Good For Traders

In the first half hour, join Robert A. Green CPA of Tax reform proposes lowering tax rates, especially on business and investment income, and hopefully, traders can navigate into these categories. It also repeals many itemized deductions including investment expenses which make trader tax status (business treatment) even more attractive.

How to Swing Trade Gap & Breakouts

In the second half hour, you’ll see how to swing trade the strongest stock & ETF charts with Ken Calhoun of  Features current charts and updated entry/exit strategies.

There will be a recording available after the Webinar.


Amanda, Based on my rudimentary knowledge of  taxes my draft 2012 (amended) return looks good so let's file it. If you have any advice based on mistakes I made on how to better plan my taxes (besides the obvious ... pay them on time!!) let me know. Thank you for taking care of this so quickly and efficiently. This was a far better experience over my previous accountant!