Tax Treatment For Foreign Futures (Recording)

11 Jun

Jun 11, 2014 at 4:15 pm EST


Don’t assume foreign futures are like U.S. futures automatically qualifying for Section 1256 lower 60/40 tax rates.  Foreign futures must obtain CFTC, and IRS approval in a revenue ruling.

Join Robert Green CPA to discuss:

*Section 1256 offers up to 12% lower capital gains tax rates on short-term trading with its attractive 60/40 tax rates.

*Learn about the “qualified board or trade” (QBE) requirement for Section 1256.

*Review the long list of national QBEs, and the short list of foreign QBEs.

*Learn what’s required for a foreign exchange to qualify for QBE/1256 status (a CFTC no action letter and IRS revenue ruling).

*Avoid misstatements and learn how to determine if your foreign exchange and products have Section 1256 treatment.

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