Questions & Answers

10 Jun

Jun 10, 2015 at 4:15 pm EST


In most Webinars we include a brief Q&A segment but in this Webinar it’s the main event. Join Robert A. Green of Green NFH and Brent Gillett of Investment Law Group to ask questions about trader tax and investment management including:

* Our recent content in Webinars and blog posts.

* Trading other people’s money (investment management).

* Tax treatment.

* Entities and employee benefit plans.

* Tax compliance (preparation/planning).

* Trade accounting for securities.

We invite you to register and attend the live event at no charge. We have not published a recording of this event.


4 stars. So far I am very impressed with the company. The only reason I didn't assign 5 stars is our business isn't quite complete but I am very happy so far. Based on our interactions up to this point I fully expect things to go smoothly and to be 100% satisfied.