Learn How Traders File 2015 Tax Returns For Maximum Tax Benefits

18 Feb

Don't file your 2015 tax returns until you watch this Webinar or recording.

Feb 18, 2016 at 4:15 pm EST

Join trader tax CPAs Robert Green and Darren Neuschwander. In this Webinar hosted by Lightspeed Trading:

– Learn how to save thousands by claiming trader tax status (TTS) on your 2015 tax returns.

– While no TTS election was required, you do need to qualify, and you’ll learn the GreenTraderTax golden rules.

– Learn how to file a sole proprietor Schedule C, with effective footnotes and other strategies, so it’s not a red flag in the eyes of the IRS.

– Learn how to file an entity tax return.

– Learn how to deal with onerous wash sale loss reporting on securities. If you trade equities and equity options, and or have multiple brokerage accounts, you can’t rely on brokerage firm Form 1099-Bs for reporting wash sale losses correctly.

– Learn how Section 475 MTM exempts active traders from wash sale losses and capital loss limitations. Learn how to make a timely Section 475 election, and whether to elect on securities only, or Section 1256 contracts, too.

– Learn tax treatment: the differences between securities, Section 1256 contracts, options, ETFs, forex and other popular trading products.

– Learn about Obamacare taxes, including the health insurance mandate (premium credit, clawback or penalty) and Net Investment Income Tax.

– See our example tax returns for a sole proprietor trader and an S-Corp entity trader.

We look forward to see you on the Webinar. Come with questions, Green and Neuschwander will try to answer them.

The live event is complimentary, but seats are limited, so register and attend early. We will offer a recording for sale.