Exploring Trader Taxes (Charles Schwab Event)

26 Mar

Mar 26, 2015 at 3:30 pm PST

There is no recording of this event.

In this Schwab Virtual Trading Event* presentation, trader tax expert Robert A. Green, CPA of GreenTraderTax.com will cover:

  • Tax treatment and compliance tips for investors vs. business traders qualifying for trader tax status.
  • Deducting investment expenses with limitations on Schedule A and AMT.
  • Trader tax status (business expense treatment).
  • Onerous wash sale loss reporting on securities.
  • How to use software to generate Form 8949 with correct wash sale loss adjustments calculated across all your accounts, including IRAs.
  • Section 475 MTM exempts business traders from wash sale losses and capital loss limitations. Learn how to make a timely Section 475 election by April 15th.
  • Tax treatment for securities, options, Section 1256 contracts, ETFs and other popular trading products.
  • The added benefits of trading in an entity.
  • How to use your retirement plans in connection with investing and trading — and what NOT to do.
  • Obamacare taxes — the individual health insurance mandate and the net investment income tax on upper-income taxpayers.
  • Your trader tax questions.


I started with Green NFH because of my investments in forex trading, but I stayed with Green NFH for only one reason - Deborah King. In addition to her tax and trading expertise and much more important is that genuinely cares and takes care of her clients. She is prompt, smart, wise, and honest. I feel like I'm working with an expert, but I know that I am working with my friend.