Year-End Planning With Trading Entities

22 Oct

Oct 22, 2014 at 4:15 pm EST

Join Green NFH CPAs and trader entity tax experts Robert A. Green, Darren Neuschwander and Adam Manning in this Webinar.

Trading gains are not considered earned income, so traders need an entity to pay the owner/trader compensation to unlock valuable employee-benefit-plan tax deductions, including retirement and health insurance premiums. (Traders generally save thousands of dollars with these strategies.) S-corps and C-corps should execute payroll and partnerships administration fees before year-end. In this Webinar, we will discuss important tax matters to execute with entities before year-end, including:

  • Setting up payroll with Paychex.
  • Determining appropriate or reasonable compensation to maximize employee benefits.
  • Choosing the best retirement plan.
  • Dual entities: moving income from the trading partnership to the management company S-Corp or C-Corp to maximize employee benefits on the management company.
  • Forming a new trading entity or management company before November to execute employee-benefit plan strategies before year-end.
  • Making sure your entity qualifies for trader tax status (business treatment) to execute employee benefit deductions.
  • Considering a Section 475 MTM internal election for the entity within 75 days of inception.
  • Choosing accounting solutions.
  • Answering questions.