10 Savvy Year-End Tax Moves For Traders

28 Oct

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Oct 28, 2014 at 4:15 pm EST

Join Green NFH trader tax experts Robert A. Green and Darren Neuschwander in this Webinar, where we will touch upon several ideas for tax savings on your 2014 tax return. Learn how to:

  • Defer income to avoid top tax rates and net investment taxes.
  • Accelerate income with a Roth IRA conversion and sell winning positions to utilize lower ordinary and long-term capital gains tax brackets.
  • Avoid wash sales using Tradelog or convert them into ordinary losses in 2015.
  • Take advantage of tax loss selling and hold winning positions at year-end.
  • Utilize Section 475 where possible for ordinary loss treatment.
  • Qualify for trader tax status to enjoy business expense treatment.
  • Execute employee-benefit plan deductions (health and retirement) with entities on time.
  • Get a handle on accounting with GTT Tracker.
  • Prepare for Obamacare taxes.
  • Catch up with estimated taxes.

Blog post 2014 Year-End Tax Planning for Traders

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