Thanks, Darren (Neuschwander CPA). I recommend this (45-minute paid) consultation with you to everyone who is a trader. I belong to several Facebook groups that pertain to options trading and this comes up all the time and there is so much confusion as to what to do. I definitely will recommend that they get a consultation because the money spent is well worth it. Sincerely,

October 20, 2020TB

Hi Linda (Mak CPA), I see you did a lot of hard work on this! Thank you so much for preparing this. I do appreciate it. And thank you for finding and asking about various breaks that might be applied!

October 14, 2020YB

Thanks a bunch Kristy (Kulp) for your outstanding support. Kind regards

October 13, 2020NS

Hi Rachel (Ellis, CPA), Thanks for phenomenal work on this (tax compliance) as always. Please also extend my thanks to Adam (Manning CPA). Would you please go ahead with filling? Kind regards,

October 07, 2020NS

Darren (and Linda Mak CPA), we completed our review of the return, and all looks excellent, very nice work! Thank you and well done!

September 29, 2020TLA

Hi Deborah (King CPA), With confirmation last night that my 2019 Return has now been filed I am all caught up and it feels so good. Thank you for all of your work. I very much appreciate you! Kindest regards

September 23, 2020JA

Thank you for your professionalism, Mandy (Kays CPA)!

August 25, 2020BS

(Star Johnson CPA) I read a review about how great you are, and boy, they are right!!... Keep up the good work and thank you!!

July 22, 2020TIS

Hi Darren, and team, ...What you do makes a great contribution to us all, your knowledge, care, and thorough insights are the kinds that help businesses thrive and succeed and add great value to people across many communities, so I do hope this email finds your work and business ever on the increase...


July 04, 2020AA

Thanks for the memo Bob, a very helpful and informative consultation.

July 04, 2020BW

Hi Star (Johnson CPA), ...I wanted to also say that you have been very responsive and helpful with all my questions and I do appreciate it.

June 20, 2020SK

Hi Robert (Green CPA), I bought your book and just wanted to say it was excellent and well written.


June 18, 2020AB

I just wanted to let you know how detailed oriented and amazing Star (Johnson CPA) was during my tax return preparation process this year. She did an excellent job. Thank you.

June 13, 2020AA

Mr. Green, our meeting today was very beneficial, and I enjoyed our time. From your Youtube videos, I see you have a passion for what you do, and I appreciate you sharing this. Take good care,

June 09, 2020MA

It was a great pleasure to work with you Deborah (King CPA)!! We have been very lucky to have you by our side, and I thank you for that.


June 02, 2020DA

Just want to comment that the service I received from Linda (Mak CPA) was fantastic. Thanks,

June 01, 2020RT

Hi Rachel (Ellis CPA), Everything makes sense. I am so glad to be with you and your firm-I wish I had known years ago. Thanks for helping me become a better provider of the necessary information and steering me in the right direction. Thanks,

May 06, 2020TL

(Darren Neuschwander CPA) Thanks so much for prompt action on form prep.  Always look forward to working with your team.

April 10, 2020RS

By the way, I think that Mandy (Kays CPA) was wonderful to work with!

April 03, 2020AG

Great job as usual, Star (Johnson, CPA). See you next year.

April 01, 2020MK

Outstanding (consultation). Thank you again, Bob (Green CPA). Thanks for your mastery at your trade. Best,

March 31, 2020NIZ

(Rachel Ellis CPA) Thank you for doing a great job with my taxes again this year.  Always a big relief once they are done. Thank you again and take care.

March 28, 2020MC

Hi Star (Johnson CPA), Thank you for all of your work in getting our taxes done right.

March 28, 2020GF

(Deborah King CPA) Ok, got it. Wow, the amount of complexity is mind-boggling. Glad we have you on our side to walk us through everything! Thanks as always for your speedy work this year, Deborah!

March 27, 2020MM

Thank you (Darren Neuschwander CPA). I will never leave. Ever since the IRS letter, I value having a brilliant tax guy to handle my stress.  I am in good hands and I know it. Thank you so much.

March 24, 2020LR

Hey Mandy (Kays CPA), It has been great working with you again this year. Thanks for all of your help with my return. I hope the rest of tax season goes smoothly for you. Thanks,

March 23, 2020BF

Hi Kristy (Kulp), Thanks again for your help.  We'd be lost without GNM's expertise, service & efficiency. All the best,

March 23, 2020MP

Thanks Rachel (Ellis CPA).  You are a pleasure to work with....a real pro!  When I was in the Pentagon, the absolute best compliment I could ever give one of my people is Bravo Zulu.  In the Navy, it means We’ll Done. Thanks for all you do.

March 19, 2020HS

Star (Johnson CPA), You’re welcome and very kind. I do intend to continue working with you. I liked working towards the March 15 and April 15 deadlines. It's much easier for me now that I’ve been working with you for a couple of years. Take care.

March 16, 2020CL

Hi Mandy (Kay CPA), You make taxes a pleasure and I think that's what makes you so great to work with and I look forward to doing it again and again. You have a great year and hopefully, I will get to work with you next year and beyond. Thanks so much,

March 14, 2020TW

(Amanda Kay CPA) Wow! You are thorough. Thank you. You are worth every penny we pay! Stay safe and well, please. You are a national treasure.

March 13, 2020EV

(Star Johnson CPA). Perfect. Thank you for all you do for us

March 11, 2020GF

Thanks for the great information Mandy (Kay CPA). I appreciate the detailed email and clear explanation. Have a great weekend!


March 07, 2020AG

Thank you All. Looking forward to our continuous business relationship.

March 04, 2020TN

Thanks so much Kristy (Kulp)! I appreciate all of your hard work and communication over the last many years.  You’re a wonderful asset to GTT and next time I talk to Robert, I will tell him that!

February 28, 2020HB

Hi, Mr. Green. Thank you very much for your consultation and the nice summary notes below. I really appreciate your guidance and will evaluate the options for further engagement. Thanks,

February 20, 2020CM

Hi Darren (Neuschwander), I just got done attending your IBKR webinar today. I was impressed. I just submitted an evaluation request on your website and put a note in there to hopefully chat with you. Thanks,

February 19, 2020AG

Hello Star (Johnson CPA), I reviewed the draft you uploaded. All looks good. I have no questions. We are ready to file. Thank you as always for your great work. Regards,

February 13, 2020RC

Hi Bob (Green CPA), Thank you for the (consultation) discussion today - it was very helpful. And thank you for not pushing with one or another option but rather giving me advice that makes sense in my situation...

February 04, 2020AK

Darren (Neuschwander CPA) - This Thanksgiving I’ll give Thanks to people who add value to my life and you are certainly high on the list! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

November 21, 2019AT

(Robert Green) Thank you so much. This (consultation) was really helpful.

November 16, 2019MB

(Robert Green) Nice speaking with you too. Thanks for your time this afternoon and for sending over the notes. We definitely got a lot of good information from the session, which we need to process. I’m sure we will be in touch down the road. Thanks again for your help!

November 12, 2019SCZ

Wow, you all (Adam Manning CPA) have done fabulous work on this! The tax savings are far more than I expected. You all are wonderful to work with. I greatly appreciate all you have done to reduce our taxes.

October 31, 2019CL

Hi, Robert: Thanks for your webinar on 10/23/19. I have bought your 2018 TraderTax guidebook but I still think the webinar is very informative.


October 24, 2019P

Thanks, Robert, that (consultation) was very helpful.

October 24, 2019CF

Thank you for the (Webinar) presentation Robert! Incredibly in-depth. Going through the material on a Wednesday a week after tax season reveals your commitment.

October 23, 2019BG

Darren, Thanks very much for your help, and especially with the last-minute speed. Next year should be much easier...

October 11, 2019JDB

Kristy, Julie, Mandy, and Darren, thank you very much, was a pleasure working with you again this year, surely coming back the next year. Thank you,

October 10, 2019ML

Hi Star (Johnson CPA), Thanks again for the incredible job you’ve done on my behalf, especially with the intricacies and complexities that I couldn’t spot when I did my extension.  I’m grateful for your eye for detail and getting it all to the finish line. Cordially,

October 05, 2019JC

I have purchased your Trader Tax Guide and found it very helpful.

August 19, 2019DG tax partner in national accounting firm

I want to thank you for a great webinar today. I truly appreciate your work and opinions.

August 14, 2019DN

Robert Green, It was a very productive and informative web seminar you presented on the day.

August 07, 2019TN

Star (Johnson CPA), You’ve been one of the most supportive and patient professionals who have, on every occasion, put my mind at ease.

August 06, 2019CW

Good afternoon Mr. Green.  Thank you for a great webinar with a no-nonsense straight to the point information.

August 01, 2019SP

Hi Julie, Much thanks to (Adam Manning CPA), you and the GTT team for doing all that you do! I would be totally lost in re: to taxes without the totally awesome GTT Team.

July 21, 2019HB

Hi Star (Johnson CPA), You are amazing and wonderful! I am so grateful to have your help! Thank you so much!

July 11, 2019ZC

Hello Star (Johnson CPA), I would like to say thank you for all your help with my taxes. I know it's a lot and you do a great job.

June 26, 2019TV

Hello, Mandy (Smitson CPA). Thank you very much! It was such a pleasure to have you do our returns!

June 18, 2019IC

Thanks again for everything, Mandy (Smitson CPA). You are very easy to work with and one of the big reasons that I keep coming back each year.

June 12, 2019ML

Dear Star (Johnson CPA) and Darren (Neuschwander CPA), Thank you for your excellent work and guidance on my 2018 tax filings. It must be about a decade now that I've had the pleasure of being your client. Sincerely,

June 05, 2019NK

Thanks, Mandy (Smitson CPA) for your great work and patience, as always!

June 03, 2019JT

Hi Star (Johnson CPA), Thanks for the prompt preparation of my return.

April 23, 2019DK

Thanks so much for the info Star! (Johnson CPA). Each year, I feel so lucky to have you helping me with my tax prep and questions. I appreciate how I can always count on you to help me get the best tax treatment, keep my bill manageable for me, and how you always do such a great job! Have a great week,

April 16, 2019H

Thank YOU, Amanda (Smitson CPA). You’ve been awesome the last couple years, covering for my delinquency. I really appreciate your work for us and your willingness to help me out of a jam. Again, thank you.

April 05, 2019PP

Hi Darren, ...I want to thank you and your staff for providing quality service with my tax preparation for a decade-plus. Thanks

March 29, 2019AA

Hi Star (Johnson CPA) and Darren, I appreciate the years of helping us file taxes. It was wonderful working with you. Thanks!

March 27, 2019MT

(Rachel Ellis CPA) You are awesome. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your patience and professionalism with us.

March 27, 2019DB

Amanda (Smitson CPA), This tax season has been the most pleasant I have ever had. The work we did last year really put me in a good place to be well prepared as I did my returns this year. It took me no time at all, it was easy and predictable and I had good visibility on what to expect for my cash needs at tax time. Thanks.

March 26, 2019RP

Mandy (Smitson CPA), thanks for the advice... Thanks for the great job you always do and it's been a pleasure working with you again this year. Best Regards,

March 25, 2019TW

Dear Darren, Thank you for doing my taxes this year. I very much appreciate all the work you and your team have done. My best wishes for the year. Regards.

March 22, 2019Louis S.

Darren, Thank you so much. I’m very pleased with your efficient and expert assistance. Best,

March 19, 2019Lynne S.

Darren (Neuschwander CPA). Thank you and your team for the excellent service.

March 13, 2019JS

Once again, we were so pleased with GNM's help in our tax preparation. Rachel (Ellis CPA) pointed out that I met the tax trader requirements and was able to characterize the return accordingly. Rest assured, we'll be using GNM's services going forward!  Thanks again to Rachel, Adam (Manning CPA) and all the extended GNM team. All the best,

March 07, 2019MP

Rachel (Ellis CPA), I want to thank you for all the work you have done for us at xx. It has been a pleasure working with you over the years on this.

February 26, 2019NW

Darren: I want you to know that we have been extremely pleased with the work Rachel Ellis has done with us over the years. We shall be continuing having our personal returns done with your firm. Thanks for all.

February 26, 2019NW

Hi Star (Johnson CPA), Thank you again! You're the best virtual CPA.

February 24, 2019SV

Thanks to all for a great and prompt job.  Talk to you next year.

February 22, 2019MK

Thank-you, excellent consultation, I'm glad I found you.

January 10, 2019GA

Hi Robert, It is our pleasure to learning from you. I would love to recommend you to our trader friends. You are very professional and knowledgeable, moreover, caring for us. Thank you!

January 07, 2019BZ

Thank you Star (Johnson CPA) for everything you've done to help me along this year. I'm not sure I could have gotten through all these financial tasks if were not for your patience and professionalism. I have a feeling I'll be testing your patience again in 2019! Happy New Year. Hugs...

December 28, 2018CW

Please extend my thanks and gratitude to Ms. Star Johnson CPA on all the good work she does with filing our tax returns. Kind Regards,

October 18, 2018LW

Dear Rachel Ellis CPA: Thank you very much. Your energy and attention are great, and we appreciate you and the team more than words can say.

October 10, 2018AK

Looks very thorough. Let’s go with it! Thanks, Star (Johnson CPA) —you are the best!

October 08, 2018G

Dear Robert (Green, CPA): Thank you very much, it was a very helpful conversation!

October 08, 2018MS

Star (Johnson CPA), Thank you so much. I definitely will be getting you to handle my future situations. Your guiding me set things on their right course.

September 28, 2018MT

Hi Star (Johnson CPA), Thank you so much for always doing such a great job with my tax prep!

August 15, 2018HZ

THANK YOU Kristy, Julie and Star (Johnson CPA), you are extremely efficient and diligent, an honor working with you.

May 15, 2018RC

Dear Star (Johnson CPA) My hope is that instead of owing x, we actually don’t owe anything... I am so appreciative that you realized something didn’t seem right!

April 12, 2018AM

Thank you Mandy (Smitson CPA),  Yes it's been a pleasure working with you again. You do such a great job, hope you have a great year!

March 29, 2018TW

(Amanda Smitson CPA) As always, I appreciate your professionalism and promptness to answer my questions and to complete my return.

March 28, 2018WS

Hi Deborah (King CPA), Thank you for your instant response. You are remarkable and we really appreciate your excellent service.

March 22, 2018DN

Amanda (Smitson CPA)…. YOU ARE THE VERY BEST!!!!  I don’t know how you guys do it, but this is a lovely and perfect tax return.

March 16, 2018EV

Hi, Amanda (Smitson CPA). Everything looks great!  Thank you for your hard work. Thanks,

March 14, 2018DE

Hi Mandy (Smitson CPA), Thanks! Yes, We can go ahead with filing now. Again it's been a pleasure working with you this year and you were awesome as usual !! Thanks,

March 13, 2018PK

Amanda (Smitson CPA), Once again thank you for the help and the quick turnaround!!!

March 07, 2018CM

Thanks, Mandy (Smitson CPA)! We greatly appreciate all of your hard work and timeliness throughout the entire filing process! Best,

March 07, 2018ET

Hi Mandy (Smitson CPA), Thanks for the heads up.  Please know we would like your help for 2017. You always take care of us which we appreciate. Cheers,

March 05, 2018JW

Dear Darren (Neuschwander CPA), Thanks for doing my taxes - especially so quickly. I very much appreciate your service. Best regards

March 05, 2018LS

Dear Star (Johnson CPA), You are the best !!! THANK YOU STAR. I sent everything via USPS Monday, so we should be good. Thank you

March 01, 2018RC

Star (Johnson CPA), Thanks, for the fast response. I want to let all of you know it is the great service I get that keeps me with your company. Stress-free and that means a lot to me.

March 01, 2018BP

Mandy (Smitson CPA), THANK YOU!  Without a doubt, that's the best news I've received in 2018. It was great working with you as well. Hope the rest of tax season treats you well.

February 26, 2018SH

Star, ...Thanks for another great job.

February 21, 2018MK

Bob, Dxx and I extend our sincerest appreciation to you for the telephone appointment (45-minute consultation) today.  We know of no one else with your level of expertise on TTS and entities.  Your professional advice, accompanied by your notes, was absolutely invaluable. Thank you!

February 07, 2018SM

I was very impressed with the structure and execution of your entity formation service.  Your team accomplished in a week what I could not accomplish in months talking with prior CPAs and attorneys.  The documentation was outstanding.

February 01, 2018RW

Hi Bob, Just wanted to say great job again on the IB webinar! And I'm loving the new tax guide, very nicely updated.

January 23, 2018HK

Thank you, Rob! Your consultation is very enlightening!



December 22, 2017DC

I recently downloaded and read your trader tax guide which was extremely informative and clear.  I also read Mr. Greens blog posts - which have been more helpful than our Big 4 accounting firm.  

December 02, 2017CS

Hello, Mandy (Smitson CPA). Thank you very much for filling out our returns. I was getting very stressed every time I had to deal with taxes on my trading. You've made it amazingly smooth this year for us. I am so grateful. Hopefully, we can work again next year. Best of luck!

October 20, 2017IC

Hi Mandy (Smitson CPA), Thank you for all of your help!  We appreciate your time and it has been a pleasure working with you as well. Thanks!

October 10, 2017TM

Mandy (Smitson CPA) --- Thank you again for all your help and guidance regarding my 2016 returns. You have always been kind and professional.

It's been a great pleasure working with you, hope we continue for next year!

October 04, 2017QW

(Christie Kam CPA) I would like to have Christie Kam to be my Accounting Expert as I have had her in the past and she is excellent to work with!

September 29, 2017GS

(Amanda Smitson CPA) Thank you so much - you are absolutely Brilliant!

September 29, 2017PR

Bob (Green CPA), Thank you for your (consulting) time today.  Your responses were insightful and covered the aforementioned points well. Have a wonderful evening. Thanks!

September 20, 2017EF

Hi Star (Johnson CPA): Everything looks correct. Thank you so much for helping get through another tax year! I can't imagine getting this done without you! Have a lovely fall season,

September 20, 2017HG

Thanks, Mandy (Smitson CPA). You've been great!  I really appreciate all you've done. All the best,

September 11, 2017GBW

Hello Star (Johnson CPA) — I have reviewed ... Amazing work.  Thank you.

September 11, 2017SV

Rachel (Ellis CPA), I have reviewed the draft and it looks all correct to me, I think we can proceed.  Thanks again for another great job and for all of your assistance and guidance!

September 09, 2017RS

Dear Amanda (Smitson CPA): Thanks for doing a great job!

August 29, 2017IC

Thanks, Julie. We always appreciate the professional help from you and Mandy (Smitson CPA). Cheers

August 22, 2017JW

Hi Star (Johnson CPA), I have reviewed the draft you uploaded. You can move forward with efiling my return. You are amazing and always do such a fantastic job! Thank you so much,

August 17, 2017HZC

Star (Johnson CPA), I've reviewed both my  Individual and LLC returns and have no further questions. Please proceed with E-filing the returns. Thanks Again for Your Oversight and Support!! Wonderful work!!!! Regards,

August 12, 2017LW

Hi Mandy (Amanda Smitson CPA), Thanks for the clarification. Yes, please go ahead with the final tax returns. Its been great working with you as well and you are awesome! Thanks,

August 03, 2017PK

Hi Mandy (Amanda Smitson CPA), Returns look good. As always, thank you for making the process go smooth and painless (as much as that is possible with tax preparation :-))

May 03, 2017DF

First off Rachel (Ellis CPA), I am absolutely amazed at the results.  With our negative year in the business and the IRA distribution I was expecting a big tax bill but instead you worked your magic and got us a refund!!!  You truly are amazing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

March 15, 2017RC

We've like to Thank both of you (Star Johnson CPA and Christie Kam CPA) for your dedication and hard work on xx LLC K-1.  It was our first experience and at times very challenging for us. But thanks to both of you for your patience and dedication.

March 14, 2017JMP

Looks fine, Mandy (Smitson CPA).  Good job, and thank you for making it sooooo easy.  I don't like paying any more than the next guy, but it makes sense, and I appreciate you.  Makes for a nice goal to offset those capital losses in 2017!

March 12, 2017ML

Deborah (King CPA), I rarely do customer reviews, but wanted to in this case. My experience with GreenTraderTax was top notch...People who know what they are doing give answers concisely and plainly, with clarity and confidence, and that's exactly the way it went with Deborah...All the people I've dealt with at GreenTraderTax are a pleasure to work with, accommodating, and personable. Many thanks to GreenTraderTax!!

March 03, 2017DF

Thanks again for a great job, Star (Johnson CPA).  This year seemed to be the smoothest yet.  Talk to you next year.

March 02, 2017MK

Dear Amanda (Smitson CPA): I reviewed your notes and the return for my Entity and Personal filings. Everything looks complete and accurate. Excellent job once again!... Thanks so much for your assistance and attention to all the details. I can't think of anyone I've worked with over the years on ANYTHING that has been as pleasant and helpful as you have. I appreciate you so much!


March 02, 2017TK

5 stars. I had a large currency loss and they helped me get a very large tax break and tax refund.

November 23, 2016MJT

The guidance and recommendations they gave in setting up my legal structure and payroll/benefits has been outstanding...If you are new to the trading business, start here and save yourself money and headaches later on.

November 17, 2016Anonymous

5 stars. Professional staff, kind patient attentive always willing to help! Always prompt!

October 29, 2016BR

5 stars. Incredibly insightful in matters of accounting and incorporation for those looking to set up a business for trading in the stock market.

October 26, 2016MS

5 stars. I have worked with Deborah King since 2002 so this year makes it 14 years. Every year she makes a stressful time of year much less stressful... So I leave all my Trading tax matters to the experts.

October 15, 2016CRW

5 stars. Terrific follow-up in a timely fashion!

October 15, 2016Anonymous

5 stars. Terrific follow-up in a timely fashion!

October 15, 2016Anonymous

Kristy (Kulp), Really appreciate the great service you and GNM provide. Never looking forward to tax prep but it's nice to know a great team stands ready to help.

October 14, 2016RS

Hi Julie, ... Regarding next year, I would say Mandy (Smitson CPA) is my CPA for life, as long as I need one. Thanks,

October 13, 2016VK

5 stars. Star's (Johnson CPA) level of detail and professionalism is perfect!

October 11, 2016GSF

5 stars. Quick, and Christy Kam (CPA) makes getting my Schedule D easy. You are a fantastic outfit, so glad you were recommended to me (by Online Trading Academy).

October 11, 2016Anonymous

4 stars. Very good trading tax expertise. Especially for the issues short sellers face.

October 09, 2016Anonymous

5 stars. Deborah (KIng CPA) was a great support as always. We can always count on her excellent service. Thank you Deborah!!

October 08, 2016DEN

5 stars. GNM has been consistently excellent over the years and I'm very pleased the overall experience.

October 04, 2016Anonymous

5 stars. Very thorough work and very responsive to questions and issues as they may arise, well done!

October 01, 2016AJA

Darren - My sincere appreciation and thanks go to you and Rachel for the fine work that was done on our return for this year.

September 26, 2016DB

OK Rachel (Ellis CPA)- Wow, I don't know how you do what you do. Taxes are so darn intimidating, and all can say is Thank You! for knowing what you are doing! I am so grateful to you and your team for your knowledge and professionalism. I would think anyone who trades/invests and tries to file their own tax returns must have a death wish.

September 21, 2016AT

5 stars. Personal, caring attention to detail. Thank you.

September 20, 2016BDK

5 stars. As usual, quick and professional, thank you again.

September 20, 2016JAJ

5 stars. Experts in dealing with options. I have 100% confidence in their services. A great value.

September 15, 2016PGB

4 stars. Always courteous. Patient and helpful.

September 15, 2016OCM

5 stars. Excellent! Enough said.

September 10, 2016RSD

5 stars. Professional, extremely helpful, couldn't find a better firm!

September 10, 2016PT

5 stars. Very happy with the quality of work and service.

September 09, 2016Anonymous

5 stars. Darren and Rachel provided, as usual, awesome first-class service and advice. It's nice to know that I can trust all my business and family tax matters with this company.

September 09, 2016Anonymous

5 stars. Overall very good! The staff is professional and extremely helpful through all aspects of the tax year.

September 09, 2016TKA

Adam and Rachel, In the last 10 days I received two checks from the IRS for a total of $1,0xx,xxx (over $1M). This corresponds to the amount we filed with the IRS in June. I'd like to cordially thank you both for preparing and filing my return! Best Regards,

August 29, 2016KA

5 stars. The best 30 minutes I've spent on my financial plans in several years. Clarified concerns, answered questions, and provided honest feedback on my strategy. I strongly recommend this firm.

August 17, 2016PS

Star (Johnson CPA) is awesome! I feel lucky to have her helping me with my tax prep!

August 15, 2016HG

5 stars. Roger Lorence (tax attorney) was dedicated at answering clearly to questions, even complex and technical ones.

August 12, 2016LC

Dear Star (Johnson CPA): I have reviewed the forms and they look good to me.  I really appreciate your help as always.  (I think I owe you some roses this year). Thank you.

August 08, 2016RH

The state comparison webinar was outstanding. Thank you for offering this valuable information to us.

August 04, 2016PBW

5 stars. Hello. My experience with Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC was excellent. They understand where you are coming from as a trader and know all the "ins and outs" regarding a traders disposition in the eyes of the IRS. They know exactly how to file your return to get the maximum efficiency in your particular situation. I am one happy customer, would recommend them without hesitation.

August 03, 2016YB

5 stars. Great first consultation. Bob was informative and detailed. Look forward to working with them more in the future.

August 01, 2016JL

5 stars. The 30-minute meeting was absolutely outstanding. Robert got straight to the point and focused in on the issues that I had provided him with prior to the meeting. The preparation was outstanding, the information equally as good and the 30 minutes were used completely with useful information. It's a dream to have sessions as valuable as these. Many thanks.

July 30, 2016CH

5 stars. I am a day-trader with several thousand trades per year. Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC has done my taxes for seven years now. They are always very helpful, very professional, and quite thorough. I have not been audited during the seven years, and I have been very pleased with my tax results (If I were to do my taxes myself, I wouldn't come close to the refunds I have been getting.). So as long as I have an LLC and am involved with trading, I will stay with Green!

July 29, 2016JHM

Mandy, Thank you for the info. It has been a great pleasure working with you over the years as well.  You have always been very kind and understanding even considering the difficulty of working with us crazy traders...Anyway, thank you again for all of your help.  You have consistently made the best out of the annual tax process keeping me from going insane! Wishing you and your growing family all the best! Best regards,

July 28, 2016JG

5 stars.  For an initial consultation, it was very in-depth with strategies, trade-offs, and longer term options. Been thru a few CPAs as a business owner and as an employee, very pleased with Mr. Green! - Initially debated the idea of using a local firm versus "off-site" just due to comfort level. This is totally dispelled now. Looking forward to structuring the business with them and the service to come in the years ahead. Tampa Fl.

July 15, 2016BL

5 stars. I had gotten myself into a rather complicated situation and you all made the resolution so easy on me. You are ultimate professionals; thank you all.

July 12, 2016JLB

Got it. Thank you Star (Johnson CPA) for putting up with me again this year, as usual you were great. 

July 11, 2016GJ

5 stars. Excellent service.

June 07, 2016NB

5 stars. Very professional, knowledgeable and reliable.

June 07, 2016Anonymous

Dear Darren, I'd just like to thank you for preparing my 2015 taxes.  Even though I've stopped trading for awhile, I've built up such confidence in your company that I'll be continuing with you next year. Best regards

May 23, 2016LS

5 stars. It was great working with Mandy - she is very easy to work with and fast to respond to questions.

May 20, 2016MW

Hi Mr. Green, I am extremely impressed with your webinar this week and would like to setup a first available consultation appointment next week to address the following...

May 20, 2016FW

4 stars. I rest easy with knowledgable, friendly folks preparing my taxes.

May 18, 2016LG

Bob, The Forex Tax Treatment presentation (which i finally got around to purchasing and watching) was absolutely brilliant, absolutely clear, and was the best presentations on such an obscure (and misunderstood lol) tax topic I have ever seen.... I learned a lot,...and I thank you very very much.

May 16, 2016BW

5 stars. Highly recommend! A great resource for traders when it comes tax time.

May 15, 2016Anonymous

5 stars. Each year gets easier and easier to work with Star and Darren.

May 13, 2016GF

5 stars. Excellent information and service from start to finish.

May 13, 2016Anonymous

Dear Star, Just want to drop you a personal THANK YOU note!! 🙂 Thanks for helping prepare all my tax return.  You are doing a wonderful job.  In this instant gratitude world, everything always just happen so fast, we always not realize the efforts people put behind their wonderful work!! 🙂  So, I think I should take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the quality works of yours. Well done and thank you.

May 06, 2016YW

Hi Star, Thank you very much of your help for the tax preparation.  Just an FYI, ... Thanks again for your wonderful work and help.  🙂

May 04, 2016YW

Hi Mandy, Terrific job as usual. Everything looks good. Let me know what needs to happen next. Thanks.

May 02, 2016DF

Dear Adam, Robert & Darren, I would like to draw attention to the fine work performed by Rachel Ellis.  Not only is her tax knowledge proficient but also her talent for managing clients is exceptional.  As a former Wall St. analyst charged with responding to many different clients' needs - typically always simultaneously -- I know how demanding that aspect can be.  Rachel is always patient, good humored and responsive. I hope that she -- and all of you -- can find some time to relax after the tax season. Best regards,

May 02, 2016TC

5 stars. After struggling to find anyone knowledgeable and confident in trading tax law, it's a breath of fresh air to have found GreenTraderTax.

April 15, 2016VB

5 stars. Clear presentation.

April 15, 2016PK

4 stars. So far I am very impressed with the company. The only reason I didn't assign 5 stars is our business isn't quite complete but I am very happy so far. Based on our interactions up to this point I fully expect things to go smoothly and to be 100% satisfied.

April 15, 2016RM

4 stars. Deborah King CPA was very helpful, clear, and prompt in her work. Much appreciated service and professionalism.

April 13, 2016NL

I have spent my lifetime searching for this firm. Thank you!

April 07, 2016AL

Hi Star, Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning. It is refreshing to discuss the return with a CPA who is familiar with trader laws and needs. I appreciate your time and help! Best regards,

April 05, 2016GI

Hey Mandy, ...  As per usual, your great to work with, and I appreciate it. Have yourself a great summer and I'll be speaking with you again soon enough. Cheers,

March 31, 2016SS

(Kristy Kulp) ...Thanks again for all the great help. You guys are awesome!

March 29, 2016ML

Star, I can't thank you enough for your time yesterday, the guidance you offered, and the quick turnaround on .... I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter holiday, you have certainly added to ours!! My Best,

March 24, 2016EJ

5 stars. Superior professionalism and follow up! Simply the Best!

March 23, 2016YMY

Hello Mandy...   everything looks good on the returns.   Thanks so much for your help again this year!   I really appreciate working with you.

March 23, 2016TK

5 stars. Adam Manning has been doing a great job for me for several years now.

March 21, 2016KB

5 stars. As in past years that I have used your firm, the service I received was up to the high standards maintained by your company. I highly recommend your firm for anyone who is a trader in the market place.

March 19, 2016TT

5 stars. Christie as usually was great.

March 18, 2016NR

5 stars. Easy. getting the routine down.

March 18, 2016MLM

5 stars. Ms. Christie Kam and her staff have been of immense help. The whole experience has been very seamless. The professionalism and expedient service has removed a lot of 'headache' in settling all my trades. Thanks a lot and please keep up your excellent work.

March 17, 2016Anonymous

All complete.  Thank you very much for your guidance and good work.  It is a pleasure being your client. 

March 17, 2016NK

Hi Mandy, I just wanted to thank you for your work preparing our LP tax returns this year. We appreciate your helpfulness and responsiveness throughout the process!


March 17, 2016ET

Thanks Mandy, the pleasures been all mine, for another great job. Hope you have another great year also. Best regards,

March 16, 2016TW

Again this year Green, et al provided excellent, efficient service. They have a great team that delivers a superior customer experience.

March 08, 2016Anonymous

Thank you so much for your time! (30 minute consultation) I found our conversation very helpful and your information very helpful.  I look forward to doing business with you and will reach back out when I have a better understanding of how my business interests are developing. Kind Regards,

February 27, 2016JS

My tax return for the S-corp couldn't have gone smoother. This is largely due to the excellence of my accountant, Amanda Smitson, and our ongoing working relationship over the last 5+ years. Mandy is so helpful and attentive to anything I need assistance with. She gets a 10 in my book... 

February 27, 2016TK

Extremely professional and helpful people, and this includes the CPAs and the staff!

February 27, 2016RT

(30 minute consultation) Fast to the point and very knowledgeable. Made everything very easy with direct to the point instructions. 

February 24, 2016MP

Hi Star, Thanks for answering my questions.  I like your proposal of the carryback return.  Let's move forward with this strategy.  🙂  Also, I have reviewed the LP's tax return.  It looks good.  Let's proceed to finalize the LP's return. Thank you very much of your help.  You are just wonderful!! 🙂 Regards,

February 23, 2016YW

My entity is 2 years old right now.. in the beginning I felt it wasn't of any benefit to have Green, Neushwander & Manning, LLC do your taxes.. now I feel very different the money that you spend so your taxes can be filed correctly is worth it! I have Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC do my individual tax return as well as my entity tax return.. I would recommend any professional trader to Green, Neushwander & Manning, LLC.

February 19, 2016DEL

Thank you Robert! Your materials are excellent. I used them in electing MTM for a client a few years ago, who has started trading again.  I had a phone consult with you then, about 10 years ago! Another CPA has a new client with the election and lots of questions. I'm going to tell him what I know, but point him to your materials. Take care,

February 18, 2016Bxx

Excellent service, each year is better than the last. Professional staff is always very helpful! I'd recommend Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC. to everyone!

February 13, 2016PTxx

Excellent experience. Very professional yet personable. I have been with them since 2010 and I would never think of having anyone else prepare my returns.

February 12, 2016HBxx

Staff very professional and customer friendly.

February 11, 2016JG

Darren, I bought the book and absorbed a lot of it. Your firm's writing and outreach are a testament to your experience and confidence, and I will be pleased to give you my complex tax filing business when that time arrives. I have really learned a lot in one day, from our conversation (I took detailed and organized notes) as well as the guide. For example, I would not have guessed that options on a commodity ETF (that's structured as a partnership) is probably a section 1256 contract. Your firm has the software and expertise to keep all this straight. Regards,

February 09, 2016AT

After disappointing results from my current CPA, I was apprehensive about using a "non-local" firm, but GNM has been very responsive to my needs, prompt in response, and I feel at home with them. 5 stars.

December 10, 2015ES

Hi Mr. Green. I been watching your videos and viewing your web page this year and as a trader your information has helped me create a LLC. Keep up the outstanding work you do for us traders. The tax information is second to none. Much appreciated. If I am ever in town I certainly would not mind stopping by your office just to shake your hand and say thank you. Respectfully,

November 13, 2015VP

I got all my questions answered as well as getting several good suggestions for year end actions.

November 12, 2015RC

All my options were clearly reviewed helping me to determine my future direction. 5 stars.

November 11, 2015JBB

Green & Co. has provided tax consulting service for a number of years, initially when we had more complicated trading issues and more recently with more common events. We have ALWAYS been able to contact Deborah almost instantly and had our questions answered quickly, professionally and thoroughly explained. Thank you again, as always, for your excellent support. 5 stars.

October 15, 2015DEN

Dear Deborah (King), Now that I’ve had the time, this year, to review your work in more detail, I can better appreciate the effort and thought you’ve been putting into our tax returns all these years.  You’ve really been doing your best for us, and it certainly shows in this year’s return.  I sincerely thank you. Our thanks and my very best wishes to you, always,

October 11, 2015JE

Star (Johnson), You are so welcome!  We want you to know we appreciate you and your patience with us.  We will strive to be more organized and look forward to continuing to work with you. Thank you so much!  You are genuinely appreciated!

October 10, 2015RB

Excellent. Thanks so much. Rachel (Ellis) was so nice to work with. There was extra work with the previous years’ returns and all that got taken care of.

October 09, 2015N

Prompt, knowledgeable, professional. Five stars sums it all.

October 07, 2015Anonymous

Mandy (Smitson), I sincerely appreciate your prompt and professional service again this year. One less stressor I have to deal with now. You are the best! I know I really made it harder by waiting to the last minute. I won't do that again. Promise.

October 06, 2015RG

Hi Christie (Kam), Just wanted to send a note to thank you for your assistance with TradeLog and finding you and staff to be very professional and responsive. Understanding that this is a very busy period for you I want to apologize for coming in late with my request for assistance. I do appreciate your efforts! Thank you again,

October 02, 2015RB

Star, Julie, and Adam have all been very helpful to us. Very patient, as well. This is a great company for small business traders and investors. 5 stars.

September 25, 2015OAM

Excellent service and very quick response time. I am very happy with my experience with the with the CPA that I was working with, Rachel Ellis. She was very patient and provided great service and answered all my questions in a timely manner. 5 stars.

September 22, 2015Anonymous

Amanda, Based on my rudimentary knowledge of  taxes my draft 2012 (amended) return looks good so let's file it. If you have any advice based on mistakes I made on how to better plan my taxes (besides the obvious ... pay them on time!!) let me know. Thank you for taking care of this so quickly and efficiently. This was a far better experience over my previous accountant!

September 21, 2015KK

This group is top notch. Very professional, very thorough and very good to work with. 5 stars.

September 16, 2015GAL

Adam Manning answered all of my tax questions correctly and we were able to cover 4 different topics in the half-hour consultation. This is the second consultation I've had with Adam and would recommend him to anyone looking for help with their taxes, especially those with trader tax issues. 5 stars.

September 14, 2015JT

A completely professional experience from day one. Very helpful in all aspects of the return preparation (both partnership and individual) and planning. 5 stars.

September 12, 2015GJF

Mandy is the best CPA I have worked with until now. 5 stars.

September 11, 2015Kxx LLC

We have used Darren's team for many years for our entities and our personal returns. They have always provided a very professional service in a timely manner. It's wonderful to work with a staff that provides trusted, knowledgeable advice within a well-priced format. Thank you! 5 stars.

September 11, 2015DAB

Green, Neuschwander & Manning has been the ultimate in professional service since we started with them 4 years ago. There has been no drop in the high level of service they provided us through the years. We feel privileged to be associated with such a team. They treat us just as important as an account with a much higher value. Thank you. 5 stars.

September 10, 2015RS

I like Green's service about timely reminders and efficient processing. Also, my accountant (Amanda Smitson) is very responsive and provides thoughtful advice. 5 stars.

September 10, 2015Ixx Trading

Deborah King has been wonderful to work with. 5 stars.

September 04, 2015BP

Excellent service, everyone is very professional and helpful! 5 stars.

September 02, 2015Pxx Trading

The accountants are extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. The staff is polite and courteous. Overall, this firm has helped me in filing my taxes and other related tasks in a timely fashion. 5 stars.

September 01, 2015Rxx Trading

Thanks (Amanda). You always make this easy and pleasant.

August 28, 2015T

Always the most professional and helpful with our Trader Tax. 5 stars.

August 27, 2015Kxx Fund

Hi Bob and thanks for the quick reply.  The piece I somehow missed was .......  Makes sense now.  I'll study the guide again.  By the way, GREAT guide!  I really enjoyed it! Cheers,

August 25, 2015RH

(Deborah King CPA) Btw you are the best tax preparer I've worked with, far surpassing all the large firms that were assigned by banks and funds. Very thorough and patient!

August 25, 2015WC

Service is professional and responsive. G N and M LLC is a trusted advisor. 5 stars.

August 23, 2015NCxx Trading

Hi Amanda, I just completed the review of my draft 1040 return.  You did an amazing job and I thank you for doing such a great job of completing the return and explaining to me the calculations and tax data based on my questions.....

August 21, 2015WS

Thanks for all the great work. You make it so easy. 5 stars.

August 19, 2015BBB

Dear Rachel,  ...We also want to convey many thanks for all your careful and excellent attention on our trading matters. 
We truly appreciate the great work done by you and Darren, Mr. Green and all that the whole team accomplish on our behalf. All the Best, 

August 18, 2015AK

I have been a customer of theirs for many years and they have always done a very good professional job. They also have very good customer service. They are at the very top of their field, a must have, if you need professional tax preparation. I highly recommend them! 5 stars.

Doing a great job of keeping tax season as simple as possible and saving me from dealing with the details!

August 15, 2015Anonymous

The accountant handling our return is responsive and provides clear explanation of how the numbers are gathered. The people who take care of the administrative part are also responsive. This accounting team has it together.

August 12, 2015LTP

Julie, You're wonderful! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time, & going to the extra effort, to help me with this. If anybody ever asks what 'good customer service' is, your work is a prime example.

August 06, 2015NC

Rachel Ellis CPA~ All I can say is, Thank You! I am so glad you and your cohorts know your way around the tax code. Go ahead and finalize my 2014 returns. Thank you again.

August 03, 2015AT

Hello Mr. Green, I’m a CPA, and am extraordinarily impressed with your expertise.  Among other research I’ve done, I attended your “Simpler Options” webinar today (07/30/15), and I enjoyed your presentation.

July 30, 2015JW CPA

cc. Adam Manning, CPA. Dear Julie: I paid the remaining $x as requested.  I appreciate the help of everyone at Green NFH for their excellent work on my 2014 taxes and as always I am very pleased with the service provided.  Thank-you! Regards,


July 29, 2015DS

This is the third year Green NFH has done my tax returns plus assisting me in forming a partnership for my trading. All associations with those who have assisted me has been outstanding. I will continue to contract with them in the future as long as I am trading.

July 25, 2015Txx Trading

They found someone who could best address my questions and it was no trouble even when we went a bit over the scheduled time. The person (tax attorney) had also done research into my questions prior to our conversation, which allowed us to cover more ground.

July 23, 2015Anonymous

Very satisfied with personal and corporate taxes each year. Good structure.

July 11, 2015BHT

Reminders and instructions are clear and helpful. Diligent and fantastic work.

July 10, 2015rxxx Fund LP

Hi Julie,

I just paid the balance due on our 2014 tax prep & filing. Thanks to all the Green NFH team members & affiliates that worked on it.

We really appreciate the knowledge, professionalism & efficiency of Green NFH.

Kind regards,

June 29, 2015MP


Thanks so much for finishing up my return and I really appreciate all your expertise!


June 25, 2015JM

My 2014 returns were complicated and Mandy did a great job pulling my information and completing my returns.

June 24, 2015WG

Hello Julie I have uploaded the efile sig authorization, thank you for your help with all of this, very efficient. Darren thank you very much for expediting this return, very grateful. Thanks

June 19, 2015JBB

Deborah King was a pleasure to work with as she is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. She promptly answered all of my questions and even made suggestions which have been very helpful to me.

June 08, 2015AE

Green accountants are always top, and I appreciate the service. The TradeLog consulting service is a big help -- glad you have added it.

June 07, 2015JDB

Very good info and attempt to explain a very complicated field (taxes).

June 04, 2015JR

For 25+ years prior to 2013 I used TurboTax to do my own tax returns. When I started trading options as my primary source of income, however, I attended a presentation by Bob Green at Traders Expo and realized that there were significant advantages to trading within an LLC/partnership legal entity. I also realized that this made my tax return situation more complicated, so I started with GreenNFH for the tax year 2013 since they specialize in tax returns for active traders. Since I live in California, all my interacting with the staff has been through email, and the easy-to-use secure file upload/download facility they use. I have found the entire process to be very efficient and the fees to be quite reasonable. I recommend GreenNFH to other traders whenever the topics of trading entities and tax returns come up.

June 03, 2015PS

Please pass along to Star Johnson CPA and Darren Neuschwander CPA that I am very happy with the tax preparation services provided by Green NFH, and I think the fees I have paid are quite reasonable. As it turns out, I took two tax accounting classes in my MBA program in the mid-1980s and I used TurboTax to file my taxes for about 25 years prior to 2013, since during that period my taxes were relatively straightforward.  When I started trading options as my primary source of income I attended a presentation by Robert Green at Trader’s Expo in Las Vegas in October of 2012 and I realized then that there were significant advantages to creating an entity to qualify for trader tax status.  I also realized that my tax situation would be much more complicated, so that is why I started with Green NFH for the tax year 2013.

May 28, 2015PS

Hi Star Johnson CPA, It was so delightful to work with you this tax year.  Your attention to details and your direct and no waste of time (efficiency) is just amazing.  I am glad I finally found the accountant that I can rely on.  I know you do not talk much, but I want you to know your quality of work is recognized.  I do not say good words to other easily, and I think you really earn it!! 🙂

Thank you very much.  I am looking forward to working with you for the many years to come!! 🙂 Regards,

May 21, 2015YW

Julie, I've faxed the signed e-file forms. Thanks again for your help with my taxes and a special shout out to Mandy (Amanda Smitten CPA) who always does an exceptional job with them.

May 15, 2015MW

Amanda Smitson, CPA

Thank you for the quick and thorough work.  We look forward to the completion email.

Overall, your firm sure makes life easier for traders!  I always recommend y'all to new traders as options can confuse any accountant. Best regards,

May 08, 2015JW

I want to recognize Star Johnson CPA for doing another outstanding and professional job on my returns.  I have total confidence in her and it is a pleasure working with her each year. She is very professional, patient with my dumb questions and extremely prompt in all matters. Look forward to continuing to do business with you all.

March 27, 2015MK

Thank you. The pleasure was all mine. I will definitely use your company again next year and for years to come. Always a pleasure working with the staff at Green NFH. Have a great weekend! (Tax return prepared by our Rachel Ellis CPA.)

March 27, 2015AL

I hope that you are holding up well during the tax season. I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for taking care of our first partnership tax return preparation.  Mandy (Amanda Smitson) was very easy to work with and her professionalism was outstanding.  I don't know if you do customer satisfaction surveys, but if you did there would be nothing but top ratings for her and her work. I look forward to the same type of experience once we get started with our joint return for 2014. Thanks.

March 26, 2015Gary

Working with GreenTraderTax is a no-brainer. It's a pleasure to work with experts in taxation, instead of trying to become one myself.

November 18, 2014Anonymous

Active Traders need a specialist and Green NFH is the Best! The IRS rules can be complex and there are many nuances that require professional knowledge and experiance in assisting traders to structure their business for maximum tax efficiency and compliance with trader-tax status. Green NFH is the one-stop shop with decades of practice and mastery of this area of tax law. The website has a truly amazing depth and breadth of vital information and dedicated professsionalism that easily surpasses any others in this field. Working with Bob Green, Mindy Bartholemew and the RIMON legal group has been a pleasure and very reassuring in the process of setting up an LLC and navigating the complexities and structural requirements to establish myself as a viable trading business.

November 18, 2014EP
Hughson, CA

As a new trader, I wanted to find out from the best in the business what my best course of action would be regarding trading and taxes. Robert was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and suggesting a plan of action. I look forward to working with him and his team in the future while also directing my trader friends with questions to Green Trader Tax.

November 16, 2014MC
La Verna, CA

Excellent session. He recommended I NOT form an entity. I take this as he has my best interest as a long time client in mind.

November 04, 2014MG
Columbus, OH

Service was extremely professional, thorough, and prompt. Very pleased with the attention I received.

November 01, 2014CH

I was in the webinar today (IRS and state exam controversy for traders) – and thought it was very high quality, was packed full of details, was well presented – and on a topic that is of paramount interest for me. It was really good.

October 14, 2014N

This is my first year using Green NFH for help in preparing my taxes. I found the information sent to me regarding Trader Tax Status was extremely valuable and Mandy was very diligent in preparing everything. I will plan on using them again next year.

October 11, 2014DH
Foster City, CA

Dear Bob, Thanks for the good news about my Tax refunds.

First I will say that I am completely satisfied with Deborah's (King) work and your help, culminating in the production of my 2013 personal tax return. Deborah is a caring person doing her work thoroughly with high professional standards, and always answering my questions promptly and efficiently.

From our very first encounter at your seminar in February, I appreciated your expertise as well as your understanding of my need to keep my costs down. As an accountant myself, I have strived to do as much of the information gathering legwork as possible, and also entering and reconciling the Tradelog information promptly and accurately....Thanks and best regards,

Dear tax accountants,
Trader Tax Status Webinar Comment.

The most valuable and informative fact for me was the "Trader Tax Treatment" for machine entered automatic trades such as EA's.

This fact alone was worth its weight in gold !

" To be forewarned is to be forearmed ! "

October 03, 2014MW

The go-to firm for traders. I know many CPAs, and I have never met a team that is more knowledgeable and as easy to work with. They provide excellent value as they understand the many nuances of traders' taxes and have vast experience providing sound advice on same. They are very organized, responsive, and quick to deliver. You can rest assured your taxes were done correctly with Green NFH. Truly a trusted adviser.

October 02, 2014LR

Star, I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" for staying on top of my filing and also working hard to complete my financials in time ..... Additionally, I greatly appreciate you sending me the links for the expenses - it provided a much clearer picture of how I should be categorizing these expenses going forward. I hope that I get to continue to work with you and that this is not just a one-time deal. I really want someone who takes the interest in my business that you have taken - demonstrated by your follow up emails and phone call today. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your work is greatly appreciated.

October 02, 2014BD

Excellent service. Thoughtful and quick response to questions. Definitely happy with their accounting services.

October 02, 2014JCD

I started with Green NFH because of my investments in forex trading, but I stayed with Green NFH for only one reason - Deborah King. In addition to her tax and trading expertise and much more important is that genuinely cares and takes care of her clients. She is prompt, smart, wise, and honest. I feel like I'm working with an expert, but I know that I am working with my friend.

October 01, 2014J&EE

This firm is great at what they do: helping traders navigate accurately the very complex US tax code. They understand their clients and help them at a level that almost no one else can match, yet also maintain genuine integrity and don't encourage "pushing the envelope" in such a way that one might get into trouble later. Their support of independent traders and firms ultimately improves the fairness of our capital markets. Much appreciated!

September 16, 2014MJ

As usual excellent turnaround and results - could not be happier with the service!

September 09, 2014KF

Clear, efficient and accurate. Reliability, communication, and courtesy are always exceptional. Not many words, but they do say a lot.

September 06, 2014MS

Thanks for your advice and approach in handling our 2010 & 2011 court filing. Our MTM status was initially denied mid-2012. Going through IRS appeals processes lead us nowhere else but another refusal of MTM status. At that point I was not sure how to proceed and if the case was strong enough to take it to the tax court. I kept searching for a law/CPA firm who can [handle this] case. I did not find any lawyers locally with [MTM] experience ... Then I found the Green Trader Tax website, which exhibited a ton of experience and testimonials in this niche area of tax code.

We had exactly eight working days to discuss, share data, decide an approach and file the petition to tax court ... you folks delivered well — on time and most importantly with positive results! Your overall approach and professionalism did not make me feel that I was working with someone remote. Also, Robert, even before we started you stressed that we evaluate our case against your golden rules for MTM first; which was a great litmus test that really boosted my confidence in moving forward ... So here we are, more than two years since the first audit; but with a decision in our favor. My sincere thanks to the Green LLC team. I will be happy to be a reference for your future clients.

September 05, 2014U.L.

I have dealt with Julie Odom on the phone several times over the past few years. She stands out as one of the most polite, professional and competent persons I have come across in a long time. Thanks for your help.

September 01, 2014R.V.

I’ve just finished reading your Tax Guide for Traders; I wish I’d read it a few months sooner as it would have saved me considerable losses and put me in a better position tax-wise. Overall I found the book most helpful and will refer to it in helping with my trader taxes.

As usual Amanda Smitson, CPA and the team have come through with excellent results. Timely, courteous and helpful service are the norm with Green. I'm thrilled they are part of my team! 

August 19, 2014c

Robert Green is so kind and patient. He gives honest advice and good ideas to help you think through your options. I will definitely use his company to set up my entity when I'm ready. 

August 16, 2014anonymous

Adam Manning CPA answered all the questions we had. He is very knowledgeable and we will use Green in the future.

I've used Green NFH for three years now, and they have been great each time. They understand the tax world for traders better than anyone else. I am able to relax knowing that my taxes will be done right. Thank you Green NFH. 

August 06, 2014anonymous

The service was professional, very efficient and fast. Each staff member guided me through areas I needed assistance with and ensured I had all the information to properly prepare all the forms needed to complete my return. I will certainly be a long-time customer. I look forward to this business relationship. 

Dear Christie, You've done a wonderful TradeLog accounting service for us. We are very pleased; and, for the first time in memory relative to anything related to income taxes, we're actually looking forward to our next dealings preparatory to 2013 filings! Never thought I'd be saying that, under any circumstances ... Thank you. 

In addition to the outstanding support in completing my personal and business tax returns, Green NFH provided answers to questions that extend beyond my tax returns, accounting support and tax planning. I find the staff extremely friendly, supportive and timely in providing technical and accounting support. I will not allow any other firm to do my taxes in the coming years. 

After attending a few of the Green webinars, I quickly realized that Bob, Adam and Darren really know all the ins and outs when it comes to the tax handling, preparation and compliance for trading forex. As a full-time trader, their firm guided me in selecting and setting up a business entity for my trading. I also used Green for tax compliance for both my business and personal returns. At first I was hesitant to not have a local CPA, but with the technology we have today that is a non issue. I found Adam and his staff to be highly knowledgeable and he also answered any questions I had in a very timely manner. The tracking templates were easy to use and helped me keep all my expenses organized. I will continue to use Green going forward as I feel that my returns will be fully compliant with the IRS and that they are helping me to utilize the tax code to my benefit. If you are a serious trader I highly recommend their services.

This was my first year claiming trader tax status and there is no way I could have done it without Adam Manning and his team. Due to their efforts, I am confident that my return is complete, correct and entirely compliant with IRS guidelines. Without their expertise, I would have been at risk for failing an audit due to my or my previous accountants' (wonderful folks but not experts in the trading field) lack of knowledge and understanding. I would also have missed some write-offs and ended up overpaying. I highly recommend these folks for anyone who is serious about trading as a profession!

I was really pleased to work with Green NFH. In the past, I've read their Trader Tax Guides and used their consultation services. This year I also used their tax return services. Always knowledgeable, efficient and easy to work with. 

May 01, 2014anonymous

Bob Green did not let me down. He was great to speak with, took his time and listened to my concerns. He provided several options and described in detail the pros and cons of each. I definitely got my money's worth. 

April 24, 2014r

I have been trading futures for 2-3 years with the goal of establishing this as a business. To date I have substantial tax losses. I contacted Robert Green to discuss the tax aspects of my futures trading. Robert clearly explained the laws on claiming trader status and provided helpful advice on how to best take advantage of the tax laws based upon my trading. He provided specific advice on how to claim trading losses as an ordinary deduction and why trading as a general partnership would be helpful. I am very pleased to have the expertise of Robert and his company to handle my tax return in 2013 and into the future.

April 12, 2014anonymous

Robert Green was very thorough and responsive during our consultation about setting up a new trading business. He provided a recap via email immediately following the session. I consider him to be an authority in this area. 

April 12, 2014anonymous

I was very pleased with my experience. Each time I called I got a live person with out a wait. My consultation with Robert was unexpected. One, I expected to get an associate but instead they told me it would be with the founder. He was very nice and knowledgeable. He answered my questions completely. There was no pressure and no rush when I was asking questions. He told me what I need to do and in addition he emailed me the notes of our conversation and what I needed to do. I was so appreciative; with the tax deadline so close, I was able to get the assistance I needed. 

Green NFH has done a terrific job once again in completing my 2013 taxes. They are very professional and completed my taxes in a timely manner. They make tax time a worry-free time. I never stress because I know Green NFH will do an amazing job as usual. Thank you.

Green Company personnel is very professional and I feel confident with their expertise on trader tax filings. The online service is very easy and to navigate and appears to be well thought out. It was a pleasure doing business with Green Company.

March 27, 2014c

My second year with Green was another satisfied one as Adam and the others did a wonderful, thorough job with my taxes. These guys are fast, efficient, knowledgeable and they really go to bat for their clients. Would recommend to any one involved in trading. Thanks, Green! 

March 27, 2014b
St. Marys

A very professional and cost-efficient service. Bob Green is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the U.S. on trader taxation. [This] has been a super experience. 

March 27, 2014d

Great communication. Always easy to reach and knowledgeable in answering questions. 

March 18, 2014w

Kick-Off to Tax Season Webinar Part IV — Entities, Retirement Plans, Proprietary Trading Firms & More: Please tell Robert that this webinar series is great! He's doing the trading business justice. I missed the middle two classes and had had to listen to the tapes ... just as good.

While I do not day-trade (I prefer swing trading and position trading on stocks), I want to thank you for the great content and webinars that you host. In particular, I thought that Robert Green did an excellent job going through the tax issues that traders encounter including 1256, mark to mark and other provisions. Robert did an excellent job summarizing the key provisions and explaining them in a concise and understandable manner. Unlike other "so called" experts" who hype "trader tax status" and other provisions to lower taxes, Robert realistically conveys both the risks and benefits in a balanced and professional manner. In listening to the seminar, Robert's passions and enthusiasm for the topic was consistent throughout the whole seminar. Lastly, his advocacy for fair and favorable provisions for investors and traders allows him to be well informed about potential legislation/regulation and hopefully to have a positive impact on the process.

I would add that I have a Master's in Taxation from Pace University. I had the benefit of taking classes in the tax treatment of partnerships, corporations and financial instruments. More important, I wrote my thesis on the traders’ tax cases that have come out. In doing my research, I found that Robert Green's books and blog were very informative. I would highly recommend that traders listening to the call to purchase his materials and review the blog. While I cannot personally attest to the quality of Robert's consultations and preparation f tax returns, I believe that Robert has a good understanding of the key issues. Lastly, I would mention it is important to for traders to use a specialist tax accountant who has expertise and experience in this area, and not utilize a "generalist."

March 05, 2013PB, CFA

As all of you know, this has been a difficult time for me as well as my family for past few years. However, without Mr. Green's leadership, expertise and knowledge, and the rest of this team's efforts, I would have been in a worse situation than I am in now. I cannot find words especially at this happy time to show my gratitude for all of the work every one of you did to put this case together to show my true intention for this business. My special thanks goes to Deborah King with her detailed work and knowledge, Amanda Smitson for her skill and communication, Mark Feldman with his experience and representation, Darren Neuschwander with his review effort and last but not least Mindy Bartholomew with her patience. Again, awesome job and team work ... every one of you who was part of this case deserve a big kudos. Add another big win for Green & Company.

October 12, 2012MK

Re: Won tax case in Kentucky. Whew! When I learned the good news this afternoon, I can’t begin to tell you what a relief I experienced to be liberated from the year-long tax nightmare involving Ryyyy LLC! As all of us sadly know, simple justice is often not simple at all but can be financially and emotionally draining. The fact that it has prevailed this time is largely thanks to the support of each of you. Please know that your efforts on my behalf will ever be remembered with gratitude. I hope that in the future I can thank each of you in person.

I am a stock and options trader and have been for a number of years. I also have used your Tradelog software for most of that time. I have to tell you, that without Tradelog, I would not have been able to file my Tax Returns. I received a 1099-B from Tradestation on March 13. I had already downloaded and run my Tradelog reports. I am a MTM Trader In Securities. Yet, there were more than $2 million in errors on my Tradestation 1099 report. I have called them every month since then, and each month they tell me that I am one of the clients to receive a corrected 1099-B and that it will be coming "soon." Yet, here it is, August 16 and still no corrected 1099-B. I seriously question whether next year's 1099-B will be accurate either. I used my Tradelog numbers to file my Tax Return, and explained the situation to the IRS in notes. Without Tradelog I would have been lost. Thank you for Tradelog. And, by the way. there should be a huge penalty for Tradestation for not providing me an accurate 1099-B, don't you think? 

August 16, 2012MC

Amanda, I wanted to tell you I appreciate your work as well as Deborah’s on my 2009 audit defense. As you know by now there was a positive “no change” to the tax year. . I feel although a lot of work, we didn’t compromise anything or be intimidated which was the most important point. Feel free to use my email as a review for the audit services for the firm, you Deborah also. It’s nice this inconvenience is behind me now. Thanks again,

March 22, 2012CW

I am very happy and glad that I was made aware of the Traders Tax review. I am expecting an additional tax refund! 5 stars.


Hi Julie, I just paid the balance due on our 2014 tax prep & filing. Thanks to all the Green NFH team members & affiliates that worked on it. We really appreciate the knowledge, professionalism & efficiency of Green NFH. Kind regards,


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