Our Virtual Process

Using cloud-based systems and industry-leading content, we cater to the unique needs of traders around the country.

Traders are virtual, and they prefer a virtual CPA service, too. We’ve been cloud-based for many years and didn’t have to rush to modernize during the pandemic. It affords us a national footprint which is good since traders operate in all states.


The virtual process is more efficient. It saves you, the client, money in terms of our fees and your lost time. You no longer have to play phone tag with your accountant and lose time traveling to your old-fashioned professional’s office with a shoebox of papers. With our firm, upload and download your files and our work product fully secure and encrypted.

Effectiveness & Reach

The virtual process allows you to pick the best firms in the country. You’re no longer are stuck choosing among your local firms, few of whom are experts in trader taxation. Traders enjoy the lifestyle of small and large towns all around the country, and they don’t need to rely on local firms that aren’t experts in trader taxation.


The virtual process involves secure data uploads/downloads, emails, phone calls, and online video communications. Clients like being able to refer back to all our written email communications from our professionals as it prevents misunderstandings.


Clients find it inconvenient to visit their accountants’ offices. Many clients are even stuck making several trips. Phone tag with secretaries and busy old-fashioned professionals who are unorganized is a waste of time. Our virtual cloud-based process is easy to use. But let’s not get carried away — taxes, accounting, and work still require the highest possible quality and can be a challenge. Clients use our Website, checklists, client organizers, guides, and other tools to get organized. This saves money on our fees, and it leads to better tax savings. Clients read our emails and reply when convenient for them, although we hope clients strive for timeliness. We almost always respond within a few hours and rarely take more than a day to keep you posted and acknowledge your communications. The process is very well-organized. We also offer video conference meetings via online video like Skype and Zoom.

Centralized Quality Control

We use best practices and professional standards for CPA firms. One of our top CPAs carefully reviews each work product before completion and delivery. While we may be growing fast, quality control remains king! We only hire the smartest and best CPAs. Competitors may offer attractive pricing, but most don’t use CPAs, and some prepare tax returns offshore.

Personal Touch

We have an excellent long-term relationship with our clients and provide a “personal touch” fostered by many “conversations” via email and phone, year after year. We look forward to getting to know you soon.

How Our Tax Compliance Service Works

Learn more about our tax compliance service.

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