Tax Tips for Day Traders
By Bill Bischoff
June 17, 1999

Bill Bischoff is an ongoing featured tax writer in Smart Money (print and Web). Bill consults with our Robert A. Green, CPA whenever he writes a story on day trading tax matters.

Quote about Green in this article:

“Just to make sure I’m not leading you astray, I asked New York CPA Robert Green (a noted guru on the subject of trader tax rules) to check my work. He gave me a passing grade. By the way, I encourage you to visit his Web site. Green’s firm publishes comprehensive materials on this subject and assists traders all over the country with their tax returns. If you want professional assistance with this stuff (who could blame you), I’ve already told you about the experts at Green’s Web site.”


Hi Darren (Neuschwander CPA), I just wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for all your hard work and diligence, in particular, the assistance that Franklin (Sanchez Rivera, CPA) has provided in regards to preparing my 2020 returns. Franklin was extremely prompt in his communications, including his phone call. He was very knowledgeable and even more patient in providing detailed explanations in regards to my returns and tax situation. So I wanted to take a moment to give recognition and express my gratitude for all that Franklin did in the midst of a hectic tax season. I look forward to continuing to receive excellent guidance from you and Franklin in the future.