Do-It-Yourself Isn’t Dead Yet
By Daniel McGinn
February 3, 2003

The Newsweek writer interviewed Robert Green for a long time. Green gave a positive spin on the professional trading industry and said “day trading” is not a great word to use anymore as it carries a negative connotation in the press. Green talked about professional and proprietary trading being done by at-home (or solo) traders, using all the modern tools available – in the same manner as their brethren at the Wall Street firms. Many of Green’s comments ended up in the story.



Hello, Mandy (Smitson CPA). Thank you very much for filling out our returns. I was getting very stressed every time I had to deal with taxes on my trading. You've made it amazingly smooth this year for us. I am so grateful. Hopefully, we can work again next year. Best of luck!