New CPA Firm Announcement 2012

In January 2012, Darren Neuschwander became a co-Managing Member owner of our new CPA firm Green NFH, LLC.

Green NFH, LLC takes over from Green & Company CPAs, LLC as the firm responsible for performing the public accounting services originated by Green & Company, Inc. through “Since Darren joined GreenTraderTax many years ago, I knew he was a star and he would be a huge asset to our firm and our clients,” Green says. “I’m thrilled to now be partners with him, as this assures our professionals, clients and my family an excellent long-term future.”

“Our professionals and clients can rest assured that the future of our firm as a whole is stronger, and I am very excited to share this news with our clients,” Neuschwander says. “It’s exciting to co-manage the CPA firm along with Bob, and to help build off the success Bob has created with the GreenTraderTax brand, now supported by Green NFH, LLC.”

Our roster of the top CPAs and tax attorneys in trader tax remains the same, and they are all very happy about this news. Clients should notice few changes this tax season, other than a continued great customer experience. Green NFH is located in Connecticut and Alabama.

Our firm brings creativity and design from a money center and productivity and excellence from a leading production center. It’s the new American way. We don’t outsource like many accounting firms do these days, but rather we insource with the best CPAs around. We deliver big-city ideas for small-town prices. With our production now more concentrated in Alabama, we will improve productivity and effectiveness even more for the benefit of clients. We strive to improve every year with advancements in best practices and customer service.

Thank you for being our valued clients.

Robert A. Green, CPA & Managing Member
Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA & Managing Member

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