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Thanks to thousands of highly satisfied clients, relationships with top trading companies, and our media presence, we have built the best-known brand in the trader tax marketplace. We’ve done it by creating valuable content, crafting service offerings to solve clients’ needs, and focusing on customer service. Many clients engage us as traders and remain long-term clients even when pursuing other businesses.

Why we care about and focus on traders
Trading is a real profession, and other tax professionals and solution providers underserve them. Traders deserve tax advice from CPAs and tax attorneys who are acutely aware of different tax laws and regulations that apply to them. We’ve worked hard defending “trader tax status” business tax benefits, improving Section 475 MTM “tax loss insurance,” retaining lower 60/40 tax rates in Section 1256, applying Section 1256g to spot forex, preventing financial transactions taxes, and protecting the trading industry from over-regulation. Traders provide essential liquidity to financial markets; if the government constrains traders, it’s hurtful to the economy.

Robert A. Green is passionate about the freedom, independence, and feeling of success a person enjoys in owning a small business. He and our entire team want to share that same feeling of achievement with small-business traders.


Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC is a full-service CPA firm dedicated to the needs of traders, investment managers and other types of clients. In 1983, Robert A. Green CPA founded Green & Company CPAs and in January 2012, he formed Green NFH, LLC with his colleague Darren Neuschwander. The firm changed its name to Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC in 2015. The firm has an excellent roster of CPAs and tax attorneys. Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC focuses on tax compliance (preparation/planning services), accounting, consultations, entity formations and IRS/state tax controversy.

We were one of the first CPA firms to master the online world, focusing on a niche (traders) nationwide and delivering excellent service. We have an office building housing most of our professionals and staff in Alabama for production, with some professionals working remotely, and sales, marketing, and some executive functions in Connecticut. We have modern technology including cloud computing and adhere to best standards and practices for CPA firms. Read Our Process, History and Professionals.


Green & Company Inc., owner of the GreenTraderTax.com Website and brand, is a leading trader tax content publisher. Robert A. Green, CEO and our professionals are top writers in the trader, investment management, and international tax fields. We have a vast amount of content on our site covering a wide variety of topics.

Our written content and interviews appear in many publications including ForbesActive TraderBarron’sWall Street JournalThe New York Times, broker newsletters and more. Robert Green was an instructor for CCH, a leading tax publisher, and CPE provider for accountants and taught Trader Tax 101 to tax professionals. He is also the principal tax speaker for Traders Expo.

We have self-published our leading annual tax guide every year since 1999. McGraw-Hill published The Tax Guide for Traders hardcover book in 2004. In 2014, we switched to publishing partner Amazon for our annually-updated Green’s Trader Tax Guide.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us.

Robert A. Green, CPA and Darren L. Neuschwander CPA


Thanks for your advice and approach in handling our 2010 & 2011 court filing. Our MTM status was initially denied mid-2012. Going through IRS appeals processes lead us nowhere else but another refusal of MTM status. At that point I was not sure how to proceed and if the case was strong enough to take it to the tax court. I kept searching for a law/CPA firm who can [handle this] case. I did not find any lawyers locally with [MTM] experience ... Then I found the Green Trader Tax website, which exhibited a ton of experience and testimonials in this niche area of tax code. We had exactly eight working days to discuss, share data, decide an approach and file the petition to tax court ... you folks delivered well — on time and most importantly with positive results! Your overall approach and professionalism did not make me feel that I was working with someone remote. Also, Robert, even before we started you stressed that we evaluate our case against your golden rules for MTM first; which was a great litmus test that really boosted my confidence in moving forward ... So here we are, more than two years since the first audit; but with a decision in our favor. My sincere thanks to the Green LLC team. I will be happy to be a reference for your future clients.


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