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You don’t have to be a trader to benefit from our web-based virtual tax service, available to U.S. residents around the U.S. and the world. Since 1997, clients and the media recognize GNM Virtual Tax as the leading CPA firm for traders. We earned their recognition for two reasons: Valuable “trader tax” ideas and clients appreciating our efficient virtual process, delivering excellent customer experience and service. Select return & buy now.


Select and buy now Individual, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp or Trust tax returns.

We welcome General Clients to read our incredible client reviews, media endorsements, valuable content, and CPA-firm history since 1983. Our CPAs have an excellent experience, knowledge and judgment in general tax practice, international tax matters for U.S. taxpayers, e-commerce, small business, and other industries.

Managing Member Robert A. Green, CPA invented the niche-focused virtual CPA firm in 1997 with, and Smart Pros interviewed Green about it in 1999. Managing Member Darren L. Neuschwander CPA took it to the next level deploying advanced technologies coupled with best standards and practices. Our CPA firm is cloud-based and paperless, using the safest and most secure service providers.

We beat the competition: Most local CPA firms do business the old-fashioned way, and that’s a pain in the neck for millennials and others who are technologically advanced. TurboTax and similar online solutions have massive advertising campaigns, and they hint at offering people support, but you are still doing “tax surgery” on yourself. Tax storefronts rely on unlicensed and inexperienced staff.

In additional to our tax compliance services, we consult clients on how to make their business virtual with cloud-based computing, virtual processes, e-commerce and more.

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Robert A. Green CPA
Darren L. Neuschwander CPA
Managing Members of Green, Neuschwander & Manning LLC