Forex Tax Treatment 2015 (Recording)

09 Apr

Forex tax treatment is unique and widely misunderstood by local tax professionals.

Apr 09, 2015 at 4:15 pm EST



Join Green NFH CPA and forex tax expert Robert A. Green CPA. In this GreenTraderTax Webinar sponsored by FXCM, Mr. Green will explain how to handle forex trades on income tax returns including:

  • Spot, forward and OTC options;
  • Section 988 ordinary gain or loss treatment;
  • Section 988 opt-out (capital gains) election;
  • Qualifying for lower Section 1256(g) 60/40 capital gains rates;
  • Reporting unrealized gains and losses with Section 1256(g);
  • Rollover trades, interest and open P&L;
  • Broker tax reporting, tax forms and summary reporting; and
  • CFTC rules for retail off-exchange forex traders.



5 stars. It was great working with Mandy - she is very easy to work with and fast to respond to questions.