April 2004: Article submission by Robert A. Green, CPA to Futures magazine for the April 2004 issue. Currency traders face complexities and nuances come tax time. Currency futures are treated like other types of futures; your accounting is a snap and you enjoy lower 60/40 blended tax rates. However, cash forex can be an accounting nightmare and you face higher ordinary tax rates, unless you “elect out” of IRC 988 for 60/40 treatment. 

April 2003: “Our Robert Green, CPA was interviewed at length for their April 2003 issue article on commodity trader tax returns, filing tips and strategies. The writer used our “2003 Guide: Commodities Traders Tax Law & Return Examples Guide (for filing 2002 tax returns & 2003 business set-up).”


Green, Neuschwander & Manning has been the ultimate in professional service since we started with them 4 years ago. There has been no drop in the high level of service they provided us through the years. We feel privileged to be associated with such a team. They treat us just as important as an account with a much higher value. Thank you. 5 stars.